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  1. gg and of course shit talking is always needed =)
  2. yes everything discussed and accepted
  3. @^FacE you have the matches set for 8pm est? and it would have been better to switch the match times since the best day for me and @mdnght for times is usually monday
  4. Team: on client.rip Would like to schedule a match against: Team: biscuits Server: Dallas Date/Time: July 21th, 11:15-11:30pm EST
  5. on client.rip 16 - swiggity swoogity 2
  6. we can play this tonight sorry for the same day acceptance, but as he said we have been discussing times via PM..and @mdnght is correct it will most liekly be a monday match for us
  7. Team:on cllient.rip Would like to schedule a match against: Biscuits Date/Time: July 17th/24th Monday, 9:00PM EST
  8. switch time to July 14th Friday, 9:00pm est on Dallas server vs client.rip
  9. Still waiting on making sure we have a 5th as well, but might as well try and start scheduling this one we got old people..can we go a little earlier?
  10. Team: client.rip Would like to schedule a match against: Team: biscuit Server: NY Date/Time: July 10th, 9pm EST
  11. team client.rip replacing: ๓ภ๓ / STEAM_1:0:59308447 for: fazzio / STEAM_1:1:2723245