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  1. Hi there! Welcome to the VPP community. Enjoy your stay here and good luck on your admin application for Insurgency.
  2. Sup

    Welcome to VPP Ben! Enjoy your stay here.
  3. I'm just going to make some random guesses since you've nearly tried almost every solution out there on the internet. I'm not sure if you've tried these solutions yet since I know you mentioned that you did others but didn't list them specifically. Here are my random solutions (guesses): Try disabling your anti-virus or firewall whether it's Windows Protection or any third-party software that you may have Do this when you've initially powered/restarted your computer then go straight to Steam You could always reformat your computer or restore it to a certain date in the past It's annoying and frustrating, but you can always try it
  4. Hi Tezuka! Welcome to the community and I hope you enjoy your stay here. P.S: You suck.
  5. Hi DNA! Welcome to the community and I hope you enjoy your stay here.
  6. Hi Yura! Welcome to the community and I hope you enjoy your stay here.
  7. I suggest you pick up any Android phone instead of Apple but I'm biased, so it's your choice. I know a couple of my friends are waiting for the new S8, HTC, and OnePlus phones. I haven't done a lot of research lately into phones since my HTC One M8 is still working perfectly fine. Keep in mind that these companies (not Apple) also have low-mid tier phones that aren't normally advertised. So if you're in a tight money situation or don't want to spend extra on better specs, you can start looking into that as well.
  8. My favorite place. https://www.yelp.com/biz/pampas-palo-alto-3
  9. Hi Cherry! Welcome to the community and I hope you enjoy your stay.
  10. Nice!
  11. Hello Dipper! Welcome to the VPP community and I hope you enjoy your stay here.
  12. Hello Gerk! It's a pleasure to meet you and I hope you enjoy your stay in VPP.
  13. Hi there! Thank you for your donation. Someone will set you up shortly, so please remain patient. For future references, your steam community profile link is not your Steam ID. You can find your Steam ID by googling the search engine, copying your steam community profile link, and then pasting it. This should be your steam ID. STEAM_0:0:78722968 Have a nice day!
  14. unbanned

    Hi waterfall. After much discussion with the admin team and upper management, your ban has been lifted. Please understand and know that there will be a strict look-out on you to ensure that you've kept your word. This will be your last and final chance to prove to us and the community that you've improved and mature. Do your best to ignore other players and mute them if you have to. This also means text chat, so please do your best to avoid any further trouble. Thanks for submitting a formal appeal and let us know if you have problems connecting to the server.
  15. Congratulations guys!