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  1. TheRealDoge

    accepted [Apply for Admin] Chokelele

    Long time regular in the server. I think he'll do fine. +1
  2. TheRealDoge

    Congratulations to Hype!!

  3. TheRealDoge

    Potential for Discord Server

    I think I may have suggested Discord before, but someone said that TeamSpeak has a better security system? That's the only reason why I never pushed for it.
  4. Team Name: Memes Team Leader Name: <3 CC Doge ✌ Optional Coach Name (Part of roster below): <3 CC Doge ✌ / STEAM_0:1:8348532 1. <3 CC Doge ✌ / STEAM_0:1:8348532 2. <3 CC Doge ✌ / STEAM_0:1:8348532 3. <3 CC Doge ✌ / STEAM_0:1:8348532 4. <3 CC Doge ✌ / STEAM_0:1:8348532 5. <3 CC Doge ✌ / STEAM_0:1:8348532 6. <3 CC Doge ✌ / STEAM_0:1:8348532 7. <3 CC Doge ✌ / STEAM_0:1:8348532 Questions/Concerns: I can play by myself in my own team, right? I most likely will be able to make the times as long as they're in the afternoon past 4:00 PST.
  5. TheRealDoge

    Last Man Alive

    There are some people that I can clearly think of who do this type of play style however; I think the bottom line are the players themselves. Like what Gondolf had just said, there are some players that just like to do that kind of play style who care more about their kills or specifically to me, kills per map. Sure, there are some who care about getting to the top playing that kind of style, but the ones that I look at are the ones who care about kills per map that are trying to make their KDAs look decent/good. Even with the point system changed, I think players are still at fault who are performing this type of play style so I think it's fully aware now that us (admins) should be a little bit more strict. The players were warned numerous times to not do it when it clearly was visible and evident however; they still continue to do it sooner or later. Despite some of them being long term players, it's unacceptable because I do agree that it irritates everyone else on the server. If the point system were to be changed, it'll be up to Toan and Liam to decide on whether or not they want to change it. The RWS system does interest me though, but I have no clue on how it's going to be split between 16 players on each side. I'm very curious, so it does make me wonder if it'll be good or not.
  6. Even so, many of the players are either investing their time into PubG, Destiny 2, or other things in their lives. Holidays, school, work, etc may easily conflict during these times compared to summer where people (or students) tend to have more free time. There's still some time left so perhaps people will start registering their teams in the last minute.
  7. TheRealDoge

    Uhh hello

    Hello Garrett! Welcome to the community and I hope you enjoy your stay here.
  8. TheRealDoge

    Possible Next Meet Up: CS Major in Boston (Jan)

    @Du Ma @shoottomaim You nerds believe whatever you want to believe.
  9. TheRealDoge

    Possible Next Meet Up: CS Major in Boston (Jan)

    You'll know where to find me in Vegas, the Cosmopolitan.
  10. TheRealDoge

    some dude

    Hello there! Welcome to VPP and I hope you enjoy your stay here. Word of advice, stay away from @Du Ma
  11. TheRealDoge

    accepted Moop's VPP Member Application

    +1 I put my trust and respect in Moop. And wow... Moop is really hot, holy shit.
  12. TheRealDoge

    accepted Application for Membership - Mrs. Moop

    +1 She's a respectful and nice lady.
  13. TheRealDoge


    All for you my love.
  14. TheRealDoge

    accepted Applying for Admin

    He actually listened to us for once, praise the sun! I approve this application.
  15. TheRealDoge

    destroyed shroud in pub g

    You're going to get banned. Kappa
  16. TheRealDoge

    s2m highlights

    Even though you're the last one alive and baiting, I find it very amusing. It makes the server laugh and energetic when that shit happens and it makes you that kind of special person. No one else in the server does it as much or as good as you and it makes us even more suspicious when you're the only one left alive.
  17. TheRealDoge

    Phone Shopping Help PLZ

    The Nexus series is dead since it's officially moving on towards the Pixel series. As soon as my HTC One M8 dies, I'm immediately switching to one of these phones. OnePlus5 (Best quality for the best price) = $480 - $550 Pixel Series (If you're interested in a fancy phone) = $500 - $700
  18. TheRealDoge


    Hi there! Welcome to the VPP community. Enjoy your stay here and good luck on your admin application for Insurgency.
  19. TheRealDoge


    Welcome to VPP Ben! Enjoy your stay here.
  20. TheRealDoge

    CSGO Connectivity Issues

    I'm just going to make some random guesses since you've nearly tried almost every solution out there on the internet. I'm not sure if you've tried these solutions yet since I know you mentioned that you did others but didn't list them specifically. Here are my random solutions (guesses): Try disabling your anti-virus or firewall whether it's Windows Protection or any third-party software that you may have Do this when you've initially powered/restarted your computer then go straight to Steam You could always reformat your computer or restore it to a certain date in the past It's annoying and frustrating, but you can always try it
  21. TheRealDoge

    well ello beasties

    Hi Tezuka! Welcome to the community and I hope you enjoy your stay here. P.S: You suck.
  22. TheRealDoge


    Hi DNA! Welcome to the community and I hope you enjoy your stay here.
  23. TheRealDoge

    Hi there

    Hi Yura! Welcome to the community and I hope you enjoy your stay here.
  24. TheRealDoge

    Phone Shopping Help PLZ

    I suggest you pick up any Android phone instead of Apple but I'm biased, so it's your choice. I know a couple of my friends are waiting for the new S8, HTC, and OnePlus phones. I haven't done a lot of research lately into phones since my HTC One M8 is still working perfectly fine. Keep in mind that these companies (not Apple) also have low-mid tier phones that aren't normally advertised. So if you're in a tight money situation or don't want to spend extra on better specs, you can start looking into that as well.