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  1. unbanned

    Hi waterfall. After much discussion with the admin team and upper management, your ban has been lifted. Please understand and know that there will be a strict look-out on you to ensure that you've kept your word. This will be your last and final chance to prove to us and the community that you've improved and mature. Do your best to ignore other players and mute them if you have to. This also means text chat, so please do your best to avoid any further trouble. Thanks for submitting a formal appeal and let us know if you have problems connecting to the server.
  2. Congratulations guys!
  3. I'm down for whatever and yes, cpl_fire is on ESEA though I haven't played it yet.
  4. Hahahahahaha, that's Emperor dressing up for me.
  5. Picture from 4 years ago at Fanime (Anime Convention). I'm just fatter now. Don't judge me.
  6. This game actually looks pretty decent. My friends and I are always looking for more Co-Op games to play anyways.
  7. I'm Chinese/Viet, but I can barely speak/understand either language.
  8. I think it works similarly in California too.
  9. Damn, I didn't know you had Gen there. That place is HELLA good. I got two locations here in NorCal, but the best one is in SoCal.
  10. banned

    Once again, please follow the correct format that we've requested. You don't have to create a new post, just edit your title and details. As for your ban, please remain patient and wait until the banning admin replies.
  11. banned

    Just my honest opinion, let me point out some things in a professional matter as to why you should remain banned. 1.) You have no evidence whatsoever as to back up your explanation as to how your account was compromised. Giving us a link that just explains about ESEA's leaked information does not provide valuable and/or visible proof that your account was specifically compromised. 2.) The link that you have provided us concerning the ESEA information being leaked was in December as Face said in his post. You were banned on February 19th which was at least over a month after the incident had occurred. ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE who has an ESEA account that knew about the incident would have changed their information for security for BOTH accounts. It's common sense and I see no reason as to why you kept both accounts the same information. 3.) We have enough evidence and witnesses that can confirm your malicious content (cheats) on your main account during the time of the server AND identify that it was clearly you as the individual playing. The only person who does that loud pig screech noise at the end of halftime or the game is you. 4.) On the day you were banned on your main account, why didn't you make a ban appeal ASAP? Instead, you decided to wait another month and make a new account trying to sneak onto our servers, that's clearly a ban evasion and an automatic penalty. If you made your ban appeal sooner, we might have given you more respect and deal with you accordingly. 5.) The IP addresses on both your main and alternative account are the SAME EXACT numbers, what possible explanation or evidence do you have that someone else was on your account? And don't tell us that sibling or friend used it at your place or something, that's clearly invalid proof. All of these points that I have explained is undeniable information and indefinitely more than enough for you to remain banned. It also shows that you're most likely lying to us and there doesn't seem to be any evidence that can say otherwise. The fact that you're even trying to make new accounts and sneak onto our server just penalizes you even further. Don't make this hard on yourself and just accept the ban penalty. Sorry, but this is reality and you need to mature up a bit and accept the truth.
  12. This rotation is great but I think when it comes to Cobblestone, it's a win or lose situation. Sometimes it's a great map that people love and will join/stay and sometimes it's map that people despite and will leave. However, it's nice to take into consideration for those who do like Cobblestone and leave it in the rotation. When it comes to the case where players don't want to play the map or the server is getting dead, there should be enough admins to call a vote and change the map accordingly. As for office, it's a pretty fun map to play on and just mess around. But I honestly think that the map should only be placed in play if the server becomes dead especially when it's late at night. Now, I don't mean that the map should be only be played if the server is dead since there are other great usages to it as well from what I have seen. There was definitely a boost in player numbers as soon as we switched to the map and I know that some people were willing to change something once in awhile, just say fuck it, and play. The problem I see with Office being a normal rotation is that since the player count is so high, I can just imagine the constant spawn camping and/or rushing in to just get one hostage which is all it takes to win the round. This also includes unintentional blocking specifically for the Ts since they're so clumped in a small area. As a result, I feel that over time as players will become frustrated, bored, etc. Don't get me wrong, I still like Office regardless since it's a fun and great map to mess around on. It brings me back nostalgia when I used to play on Office servers back in other Counter-Strike games. It's also really funny when I hear others joking and laughing about when playing on Office, I enjoy the interaction that gives off the positive and jokingly vibe which at times it can be negative, but still funny. Whatever ultimately happens, I don't really care. I'll still have my fun and joy in playing VPP no matter what.
  13. If you do decide to get a new GPU, you'll notice little to no changes in your fps. As HEHE said, CS:GO relies heavily on CPU performance especially its core (mostly single core). If I were you, I'd save up money and build an entirely new system with some parts kept. AMD Ryzen is really good now especially since they finally introduced their SMT (Simultaneous Multi-Threading) technology in the Zen architecture. It's very similar to Intel's Hyper-Threading technology and benchmarks say that it performs slightly or even better than any Intel Quad-Core processor at the moment. Of course, it depends on which game it is but so far it's looking pretty solid for AMD. There are some articles that I have read where because of this new line of CPUs from AMD, Intel is decreasing their prices for some of their processors. Maybe, you can take a shot at that? I know Central Computers and Frys Electronics around my area have brought down their Skylake and Kabylake processors down by 50-100 dollars for a limited time and I rarely see that kind of sale.
  14. * A or B? Talk your heart out. * There are no details because that's the point.
  15. Welcome! Please enjoy your time in VPP.
  16. acknowledged

    The problem is that the spawn points would have to be fixed (I think) because last time on Cobblestone, players (happened to me) spawned on top of each other and got stuck. I forgot the reason as to why that occurred, but it did.
  17. So far, the plugin has been working great so you deserve every ounce of credit there is Liam along with Toan's approval. Keep up the good work and thanks! However, I think I might have found a small bug within the plugin. Here's what happened. I refreshed my server list and noticed that the game was at 33/32, so I decided to connect through IP since I wanted to get in and wait for a spot to open. The game/map loaded and all of the sudden I was on the team menu screen and not automatically assigned to a team. I was able to choose my own team which was T-Side since CT-Side wouldn't let me as it was most likely full. I decided to disconnect and reconnect again to see if the problem was still occurring which it did not therefore I was automatically assigned to a team which was CT-Side. I think there was also one or two people in spectate as well. The map was cache and I joined in the middle of the game (I forgot the rounds/score and pre/post half-time). My thoughts/guesses: 1. As soon as I joined the server, perhaps someone immediately disconnected as soon as I clicked continue and was about to get automatically scrambled however; the plugin might have failed and allowed me to be on the team menu screen and pick a side. 2. Maybe the number of spectators in a full server along with the first point I made could have caused the bug. 3. Maybe the number of spectators in general is affecting the plugin in some way. 4. It could also be where the plugin will NOT ALWAYS work effectively for every single player that connects to the server therefore allowing very few players at random times to choose a side. 5. Luck? I'm not that much of a debugger or problem solver, so take my thoughts as guesses and not facts.
  18. Took you long enough. Welcome
  19. After several years of playing on the Dallas Competitive server on/off, I have finally decided to make an account on the forums. This was mostly due to Du Ma forcing me to be involved more with the community and along with him baiting me for kills whereas in return I get assists sometimes which became an agreement. I play on the CS:GO Dallas server a lot and rarely on the California server. It's a pleasure to meet you all.
  20. It's better if you sort out the situation on your own hardware eventually because you can't always depend on your neighbor's WiFi. Also, it's a possibility that there are other games/servers that you may not be able to connect with the same or similar issue as you're having with Dallas.
  21. accepted

    NickName: Doge Age: 22 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:8348532 How long (average) have you been playing Counter-Strike games? Since 1.6 on a different account (forgotten). Do you hold any Moderator/Administrator position or similar role within any other Gaming Community? Nope. Which server do you play on the most? Dallas. I only played 10 Mans once. Ever had an admin function before? I had it once on Source until the server died a few months later, but none on CS:GO. Why do you think you deserve admin? I was recommended by Du Ma to apply for admin position under his guidance. I wish to stay in REJECTS since it was the first group that actually got me involved with a community specifically VPP. I don't have any issues/problems with other players, members, and admins as far as I know. I understand that I have a lack of experience and reputation in VPP so it is understandable and acceptable if others don't feel comfortable with me having admin position. I only wish to apply for admin position in order to better the server and ensure its community stays strong and positive. I want to make sure that the community and server is clean from players who might ruin the experience (i,e hacking, mic spamming, etc) for others who wish to play competitive and have fun/entertainment. When will you be active (the most)? I am active every day from 4:00 PM - 12:00 AM PST. These hours are varied depending on how busy I am with college and my personal life. Additionally, these hours can also be extended since there are days where I stay up to 3:00 AM PST, but most likely the server will be dead which I can accumulate my time into popping on forums to see if someone needs help. How will you draw people in our server? With my charming, wonderful, and beautiful personality especially with my dank meme picture. I am chill and relaxing most of the time making jokes with others and having fun playing the game competitively. I, Doge, agree with the Admin Rules. If I abuse my admin, I will accept the consequences.
  22. accepted

    Thanks Liam! I appreciate it.
  23. You're probably the third person to actually say that.
  24. https://gyazo.com/ec5d0d0677fba5fb0326543a8197f5df
  25. I'm 22 years old and if I showed you guys my picture, you'd probably think I look like a highschooler. lol