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  1. Copenhagen

    Jon Ninja

    I forgot who I mentioned it to, but we thought that same thing about this guy before and it was couple months ago he came to the server and we notice that his play style is very strange. Hes crosshair is a bit shaky like the one you notice in cs source when players hacks; however, it was not too noticeable, but you will see it if u pay close attention to his crosshair. People mentioned that they notice he may have a trigger bot but i wasnt sure so i didnt banned him during the time. In my opinion since he was banned to multiple community means I dont trust him and from Tracus intel, he was banned from those community recently (like a month or two ago) which likely he can still have cheats on when he plays on VPP. We have the same incident with that player name Dough before, I just dont trust players who comes to VPP servers that has records of being banned from multiple communities.
  2. Copenhagen

    Last Man Alive

    I know there's a rule to it but warning or punishing the players does not really work. Its always the same people who does this type of play style and it irritates other players. Baiting and wasting everyone's time creates people on tilt mode and leads to toxicity. I have a suggestion that might fix this problem. I believe we should change the points system in the server. Make it more challenging, few players only care on being top 10 for some reason; therefore, they will do things their way to earn it by baiting and camping a spot for non-impact frags. They dont care about the team or doing the objective, and this is why we should change the points system. They should only earn points if their team wins the round like how ESEA works with rws. Some might actually try to do the objective and help out to earn those points. I already tried and witness warning the people who always not doing the objective but after the match is over, those players will do it again on the next map. Its fine to do it once it a while but do it every round just makes everyone mad and impatient. I really dont care about this but it irritates other players and they complain to us which ruins everyone's mood on playing in the server.
  3. hmm idk most of the people i played with stopped playing pubg. kinda got bored with it
  4. Any more teams signing up? or its not going to happen?
  5. Copenhagen

    Destiny 2 PC

    add me moop dlakers92#1705
  6. Copenhagen

    Possible Next Meet Up: CS Major in Boston (Jan)

    I did not say such words.. who hired you? Who are you working for? I said im going to vegas next summer for a friends reunion and if anyone wants to meet up, just contact and ill try to meet up.
  7. Copenhagen

    i'm sorry

    You been suspect of cheating multiple times, there are times u troll but u only troll when someone goes spectate but if noone is in spectate u play godlike all the sudden. there are times your aim seems to shake a bit which is similar to a triggerbot. and you also know when to go to sites when noone is watching it even you teamates didnt clear it. You also ask waterfall for hacks saying that its for a friend, i dont know what was that, weather you are trolling or you think that you something in similar which is having hack apps or you wanted to hack for yourself.
  8. uhmm the roster hasnt updated yet.
  9. Adding a playing aphaM [A] STEAM_0:0:20563984 Switching a player Name Maverick for MVRK STEAM_1:0:1897893
  10. Adding Maverick to the team STEAM_1:0:1120088, and mdnight as coach(not additional player)
  11. Copenhagen

    $10 Donation

    Donating for slot reserve for this player Player Name: Easty SteamID: 1:0:760709
  12. Adding Mdnght as my coach, not optional player, heres his steamid just incase STEAM_0:0:49968215
  13. Copenhagen

    accepted Applying for Admin

    Sounds Good and Thanks
  14. Copenhagen

    accepted Applying for Admin

    Name: Daryl Game Name: Copenhagen Age: 26 How long (average) have you been playing Counter-Strike games? prob like 15 -18 years (played the CS 2D version) Which server do you play on the most? Dallas 30 man and 10 NY/Dallas 10man Ever had an admin function before? Yes, been a Root admin on another community for 10 years. CS 1.6, CS:S, and CSGO, TF2, GTA V, LFD 1&2 . When will you be active (the most)? Pretty much anytime How will you draw people in our server? I usually donate for people for reserve slot to try the server. Im not a greedy or selfish person, so if anyone wants a reserve slot, they can ask me. I also stream my games. Why do you think you deserve admin? I was an admin for another community for 10 years, I encounter many problems with players and servers. Im calm handling the situation, I dont get power hungry or abuse my powers even its personal.
  15. Copenhagen

    accepted Applying for Admin

    Just Finished and thank you yall
  16. Team Name: TOXIC AF Team Leader Name: Copenhagen Optional Coach Name (Part of roster below): TBD 1.Copenhagen - STEAM_1:0:8842940 2. waterfall - STEAM_1:1:90282930 3. Blaze - STEAM_1:1:57633318 4. Hype - STEAM_0:1:26363656 5. assc ✌ - STEAM_0:0:129872608 6. TBD 7. TBD
  17. Copenhagen

    $10 Donation

    Donating $10 for reserve slot for this player Shag - Steamid: 1:0:14760129
  18. Copenhagen

    Donation $10

    Donating for player Apham for reserve slot Apham: STEAM_0:0:20563984
  19. Copenhagen

    Donation $20

    donating $20 for me and player name Waterfall for reserve slot Waterfall STEAM_1:1:90282930 Copenhagen STEAM_1:0:8842940
  20. My team si good to go on that day, waiting for Midnight to response if 9:30pm est is good.;
  21. Just talk to my team, I got 5 people available on monday so we if you want to play on monday we can. i just need to figure out when is the best time to start.