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  1. pain

    banned Pain-0:1:204180741

    Considering I just spent the whole night on the server I think I will be fine.
  2. pain

    banned Pain-0:1:204180741

    got ya...new mac and IP address incoming. See you in the server!
  3. pain

    banned Pain-0:1:204180741

    There was no appeal because I didnt even know it existed till yesterday after scrolling through this sight. Also, I pretty much have abandoned the first account due to what I believe to be security issues. But I will reformate for appropriate appeal.
  4. pain

    banned Pain-0:1:204180741

    Name: Pain Steam id: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198368627211/ Reason: This server is life Message: 1st: "multi-hack" 2nd: "Somatik" Unfortunately, my second account has been banned as of yesterday due to events that I believe to be in relation to my older and compromised steam account. Last December ESEA was the victim of a failed extortion attempt which resulted in the release of ESEA account information. My leaked ESEA account information was the same as my steam and therefore I believe it was used to access my account. After contemplating about this I truly now believe why my other account was banned for "multi-hacking" due to malicious intent from another person other than myself. Info: [LINK REMOVED BY ADMIN]
  5. pain

    New donation from pain

    http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198368627211/ Name: pain