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  1. Hey Liam, Thanks for getting back to me so quick, if you could shoot me the link to the test sometime tomorrow afternoon i'll be ready! Thanks, Bryan
  2. Your Name: Bryan Age: 24 Steam ID: 76561198072498373 Server applying for: LA Insurgency Do you have admin experience? Yes but not on Insurgency Do you currently hold a Administrator Postion or similar with another Community? Nope How will you draw people to our server I'm fair and honest, if not a little to blunt. I'd like to promote a community where people where people can play without worrying about players not following server rules and can have any questions answered. Right now the server is severely lacking regular Admins and seeing as i'm a very active player on the server I thought I could do help out with the issue. Thanks for your guys consideration! I,"Bryan/Pudding Snackz", agree to the admin rules and if I break them I will accept the consequences"
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