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  1. ॐBlack Oliveॐ

    banned Banned for 1 year. Trying to come back to play

    Some people have time to waste.. It always amazes me.
  2. ॐBlack Oliveॐ

    Post your pets

    That's my Jack Russell Terrier. Picture taken this morning! He's 8 years old
  3. ॐBlack Oliveॐ


    Hello magugu. I'm black olive.
  4. ॐBlack Oliveॐ


    Thanks for your time and fast reply Liam! I appreciate it
  5. ॐBlack Oliveॐ


    Hey guys, I've been playing for a while in the Dallas server and decided to donate cause I got tired of getting kicked due to a slot reservation. Just wanna say you got one helluva great community and that I enjoy every time I play. Also, I think I forgot to add my steam ID in the donation process. I added my profile link instead. So here's my ID: STEAM_0:0:102547072 Thanks and see yall around
  6. ॐBlack Oliveॐ

    New Map Cycle

    I think Office is a great addition! Will bring some more fun moments there