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    banned Banned for 1 year. Trying to come back to play

    Some people have time to waste.. It always amazes me.
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    Hey guys, I've been playing for a while in the Dallas server and decided to donate cause I got tired of getting kicked due to a slot reservation. Just wanna say you got one helluva great community and that I enjoy every time I play. Also, I think I forgot to add my steam ID in the donation process. I added my profile link instead. So here's my ID: STEAM_0:0:102547072 Thanks and see yall around
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    Post your pets

    That's my Jack Russell Terrier. Picture taken this morning! He's 8 years old
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    Hello magugu. I'm black olive.
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    Thanks for your time and fast reply Liam! I appreciate it
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    New Map Cycle

    I think Office is a great addition! Will bring some more fun moments there