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  1. hoisin

    Valve Cracking down on communities

    does that really affect inventories though? i thought it just allows people to use karambits, but not skinned.
  2. hoisin

    bring back some maps

    Is the season one updated from the workshop? I thought he updated it after the operation ended, but I'm not sure.
  3. hoisin

    [BANNED] n1KE UE ---- Banned

    FYI: Server Rules Respect Admins No Cheating / Exploiting Of Any Kind No Flaming / No Racism / Disrespecting Other Players No Recruiting/Advertising Do The Objectives No Mic Spamming Check the rules before you try to claim that you know the rules.
  4. hoisin

    VPP vs ABM 5V5 Scrims =Winning team will get money!!!

    barely too early for me...
  5. hoisin

    Hey guys and gals!

    he got caught just now...
  6. hoisin


    wait... so this isn't doodles?!
  7. hoisin

    Hello, people.

  8. hoisin


  9. hoisin

    Hey Hey

    wooot socal!!
  10. hoisin

    VPP Custom Skins on Dallas

    at least the old skins conformed to hitboxes. having pirates and professionals on nuke is kinda different, but at least it's official and conforms to hitboxes. fkn sailormoon n homer, can't hit shit.
  11. hoisin

    VPP Custom Skins on Dallas

    these skins are SO BAD...
  12. hoisin


    all about the dubs and okc, and i'm from socal. FUCK THE CLIPPERS
  13. hoisin


    welcome to the community!
  14. hoisin

    pls HELP

    Try also uninstalling your Video Drivers, restart, then re-install video drivers, restart. That looks like a video driver error.