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  1. He was banned before the server implemented SB. His GameME states that he is banned from the server.
  2. I remember you. You were playing back when we still did community contests (like most zeus and scout kills). Your ban was most likely from teamflashing or blocking. I remember that there were a few admins that were quick to hand out bans at the first offense.
  3. If you specifically look for negative reviews, you will easily find them for every phone. You'll see when the oneplus5 comes out. The reviews for the Pixel have been overwhelmingly positive from what I can tell. For software bugs, the first phone that google would release a software patch for would be for their own flagship phone. If you happen to get a defective product, you can always send it back for a replacement under warranty.
  4. I would like a name change as well. Dark Magician -> Gondolf
  5. Apple will remove their charging port and call it a new design.
  6. Check out MBKHD on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/user/marquesbrownlee), his reviews are top-notch when it comes to smartphones. I've held a Nexus 6P before and was really impressed by it's size and build quality. My current phone is the Samsung Galaxy S6, and from what I've heard about the S8, it's definitely going to be a solid phone.
  7. You should at least provide your steam id so we know who you are.
  8. I can already tell from the stats that waterfall really wants the $krilla