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  1. I only know swoobles for their afk idle servers lol.
  2. lol. No one cares about you boycotting the server. Enjoy Valve casual mode.
  3. I don't think they care about stats at all. It's just how they like to play because it gets them more kills. It would be a great to have a beacon system where repeated offenders automatically get beaconed when they are last alive again. Or if you want to be extreme, you can automatically slay all the losers at the end of every round.
  4. From his post history: In-game Name: Camo Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:160534903
  5. Gondolf

    i'm sorry

    http://steamcommunity.com/id/slynkerr/ looks like y'all were right. He's VAC banned.
  6. Gondolf

    i'm sorry

    Whenever I see this guy have "high scores", I'm not amazed at his skill, I'm amazed at how the players near his crosshair suddenly suck ass.
  7. I like this idea, but maybe that's because i'm shit at the game.
  8. I could have sworn he was already admin.
  9. Admins usually ignore ban appeals without the proper formatting. Create a new topic named "Your In-game name" "Your Steam ID" In-game Name: Steam ID: Reason to Appeal: Ban Message: Server:
  10. These ninjas defuses are nice and all, but you're essentially baiting your entire team for a highlight reel, especially since you do it every round.
  11. I never had a problem with them being toxic. I'm not gonna name anybody, but there are currently multiple players in the Dallas pub right now who are way more toxic than they ever were. What I do remember is that all the B on Lock guys like to stack onto the same team (shouldn't be a problem anymore), and true to their name, they like to hold B for the entire round and would not leave the site even when the bomb is planted at A.
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