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  1. Possible Next Meet Up: CS Major in Boston (Jan)

    Cope I have text-proof And for real...I was trying to highlight Boston for the cs majors in January T_T
  2. VPP T-Shirt

    I know this is old af but I think (if this would still be a thing to consider, I know a lot about group shirt manufacturing too with being in a sorority) BUT if you would have pictures of the games you play to grab interest of anyone that knows the game, then VPP logo and link to the site that would be lit. Met a guy in NY on that trip that we got to brag about VPP to actually and a shirt to show off the community would have been rad.
  3. Possible Next Meet Up: CS Major in Boston (Jan)

    Thought maybe folks would want to consider the next one for the majors, I know a few interested. Lmk if you'd consider so I can let anyone else interested know. Just a fact too, the major is bigger than esL if anyone was wondering how the events differ much in person - I've been to both. SIDENOTE COPE SAID HE WANTS TO MEET ALL OF YOU NERDS IN 'VEGAS NEXT SUMMER' FOR A MEETUP, HE BE QUOTED
  4. PUBG Sub-form?

    Imagine if we can collect all/most of the VPP PUBG players to do zombies and I'd be down for a tourney - I think I'd find more success here than in cs haha
  5. Think you'll play in it this time, or cast it up?
  6. So professional looking
  7. PUBG Sub-form?

    Just wondering since it seems like PUBG is gaining more or equal popularity as CS if we could have a sub form? I think it would be rad to collab clips on how broken the game is to watch when I'm really bored in senior capstone *thumbs up*
  8. destroyed shroud in pub g

    aghhhhhhhhh rip whe shroud was bae before found out he's sort of sexist ); though I remember when I found a group of streamers in game I squealed and quickly died from not paying attention haha
  9. Face Streamin' ~ his Secretary posting

    Wondering if one day we need to consider two 10s simultaneously...cause I swear sometimes there are like 15+ people wanting to play. Or if they make 10s now without us even though we like started them all summer
  10. Face Streamin' ~ his Secretary posting

    If I stream he does too, watch it all fools #independentblackwomanwhodon'tneednostream www.Twitch.tv/nLoFacE
  11. Such Regular Streamer, Much Wow

    Hellllll yeahhhhhhh drank streaming is my favorite B) haha I totally plan to get regular soon. I think like every 28 days for 7 days is regular right? (;
  12. Such Regular Streamer, Much Wow

    I stream erryday all day, all night 100% kthxbyeloveme www.Twitch.tv/Profit_Cherry
  13. Car Mods

    What if I wanted to purchase :c Dildo as a clutch sounds a1 and I don't own any - 10/10 would buy
  14. Car Mods

  15. Cherryyy Membership Application

    Sorry @Du Ma , I'm moving UP in the world (;