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  1. iMod


    He'd be a great admin. I'll throw myself under the bus and say that benn has brought hackers to my attention multiple times while I had no idea. Wall hackers are his specialty.
  2. iMod

    New donation from lito

    Hey, she never got set up. Didn't notice until now
  3. iMod

    Hostages Become One With Your Arm

    The struggle of getting that picture
  4. iMod

    New donation from nozsho

    Noz isn't set up for some reason. He doesn't have res slot or skins.
  5. iMod

    Contest Poll

    I think most tase kills without resetting stats is the obvious choice here guys.
  6. iMod

    accepted iMod

    NickName: iMod Age: 20 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:37714295 How long (average) have you been playing Counter-Strike games? I started playing source in 2011 and have been playing CSGO since the beta Do hold any Moderator/Administrator position or similar role within any other Gaming Community? Yes I'm an admin for rxg but we don't have CSGO servers anymore so I haven't used it much Which server do you play on the most? Dallas Ever had an admin function before? Yes, I've had a lot more experience in source but have had it in CSGO Why do you think you deserve admin? I have no life and play almost every night all night so I'd be there when needed. When will you be active (the most)? I usually play from 9 PM-12 AM EST How will you draw people in our server? I've gotten some rxg buddies to join, I join early to populate, and I'm not toxic