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    Thanks! Lol yeah never too late
  2. _beNN


    Hii baiter :))
  3. _beNN


    LOLOL <3 No knife for you
  4. _beNN


    Hii Mrs.Moop!
  5. _beNN


    Lol he is a scrub isn't he good to know I'm not the only one who thinks that Hii Mrs.Z thanks
  6. _beNN


    Yo sup everyone My names Ben "_beNN" I've been playing games ever since I was a kid from gameboy to consoles & now PC I've been playing cs since it came out 1.0,1.5,1.6,CZ,CSS & now CSGO. I used to go to computer Cafe's back then after school just to play cs that's how addicted I am to this game. Played competitively for a while didn't get a chance to play on Cal since they shut down when I finally got a PC but played instead played ESEA (Just pugged) then CEVO when my friends wanted to play competitive played multiple seasons Open,Amateur,Intermediate, & right now the team made it to MAIN and I stepped down just wasn't having fun anymore so I just usually play on VPP a lot of chill people. I usually just randomly join the VPP server when there's 10-15 then it get's populated then I get kicked for reserved slot I already know some of you guys Emperor, Shibby (sup girl), Cope, Mrs.Z, Du ma, Boofi, Bareback, ControL, Logical, & Some others that I can't think of right now lol sorry So yeah sup everyone P.S. Du ma you scrub