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  1. I do block him but can still talk to me via @admin chat and still goes there to annoy me. I've had him block every time and ofc it doesn't perma block him from talking and have to manually do it every time I join the server. Most of the time I forget and just ignore him but holy shit whenever my name comes out of this kid its some complaint that APPARENTLY is my fault. like fuck off tf you want from me when your team is losing? or you dont like the map while everyone is fine with it? just stfu and stop bothering me after being ignored for months.
  2. I was waiting for this. I've warned you multiple times to stop annoying me. I've ignored you for months and months and months but you seems to not know when to shut the fuck up when being ignored. Your little "banter" is when blaming me cause your team is losing or when you dont like the map. It's everyday that I have to deal with your annoying fucking ass and I've had enough of it. and your little screenshot here proves it again that your annoying me and trying to get a reaction out of me. I auto-join whenever I play on this server and HAVE complained 0 times when my team is losing. I've told you MULTIPLE times a long time ago to stop being annoying but you dont listen. I've given you a LONG time to learn and notice that I dont like you but that apparently just goes above your head and you just keep on going. I'm not here to babysit a grown ass man who acts like a fucking kid who kept annoying me when ignored and now you're perma muted. Now will it finally hit you in the HEAD that I dont like you after being ignored for months?
  3. Don't we have another server? like the 10man server? why not upload the maps there and admins can test and look at the maps before going to the 30man server. I get on randomly at night and I usually would just join the server and its already at least 8 people. So instead of using the 30man server and risk people leaving lets use the 10man for map testing
  4. If you're gonna add maps make sure radar works. #1 Priority And ofc not a small or too big of a map its a 30 man server. also to not have like 20 angles to check not trying to do a 360 every corner you turn to.
  5. We'll have to test it one of these days maybe before the server gets populated or when it's really late and people starts leaving. update It's working for fixins now so. It was probably the nuke.cache that was causing it some map sound or w/e. @Moop the communistyou can add nuke back in rotation unless people don't like playing it.
  6. delete the one you have and put this. Hopefully it helps since I actually have no idea why yours isn't working, its the 1st time i've seen this happen. The things you've done should've fixed it but yea try this one. Hope it fixes it delete all the de_nuke map you have even the de_nuke.cache de_nuke.rar
  7. Ah did not know that since I only see the Dallas server on gameme that's too bad NY wouldve been fun for me lol but yeah true people just uses the valve infested cheater 64tic servers since they're usually new players joining that.
  8. Oh okay that's good let's keep the 30 slots server and see how it handles it since its gonna be a new box. I think making it 26 slots is okay but we have a lot of regulars. So let's keep it at 30 for now unless you're planning on opening a 2nd server and see how populated it gets for like a week and decide.
  9. Okay so this has been on my mind ever since I joined VPP server long time ago. I never liked having the !skins on the server 1. The hitboxes for them are different from regular skins and its stupid. 2. Some people like me don't play with "show teammate equipment" less thing for me to get distracted but that's just me all preference. I can't fucking tell if its my teammate or not when I see one. 3. Some skins will blend in the background like a map with some dark spots like inferno's mexico & apts, D2's long doors, or Mirage apt's kitchen. We have skins that can easily blend 4. I feel like it kills the server performance having those skins in the game it's a 30 man server already and having those extra unnecessary pixel/graphics isn't really needed imo. 5. Some regulars don't really like them either and they get pissed off at it like me. We just wanna game and not see spiderman, a nurse, predator, bright ass Halo characters in the game. I joined a 26 man server yesterday that I used to play on and some friends that I know on that server PM me to play and catch up and recently got populated again and let me tell you how SMOOTH their server was and it was also full and I was getting more FPS and the REG on that server felt like I was playing on a server that I didn't feel like having 45-50 ping didn't matter and it felt like I was playing with a 5 ping NY server compared to our VPP server. It's just a thought. I know people have been barely using the skins but 1 person uses it and we'll have like 4-5 people start using it. Also would like to have some more map pools like the old de_cbble to be put back the new one just feels so closed off, de_season without the CHIMES FFS, de_cpl_mill, de_cpl_fire, de_cpl_strike, and etc.
  10. Yep this is the most annoying thing when i noticed someone cheating/walling and ofc I CANT just ban him right away i need to watch and make sure. Usually they are just walling and not aimbotting so it needs time to actually look at what his looking and what his doing. Once they get ban and I tell people to STOP CALLING THEM OUT what I get is they don't listen and instead they "blame admins" for not doing anything? like wtf do you think I was doing in spectate? eating? watching TV? Ofc I need proof 1st walling can be tough sometimes if the cheater is smart about it, good thing is 90% of cheaters are really dumb about hiding it but we still need proof. Don't act like your doing US a favor about CALLING THEM OUT in chat to make yourself feel good like "I spotted a cheater im so good" no that doesn't help you and everyone else in the server get your ego out of your ass and let us do our job to make sure the server is cheater free.
  11. _beNN


    I actually do interact with a lot of the regulars lol you just don't see it? I don't know I've literally talked to every single regular in the server maybe I don't talk to them every game but I have interacted with them. I don't use my mic doesn't really mean I don't interact with people I'm usually just typing to them since their typing to me.
  12. _beNN


    I do talk when I need to. I'm mostly typing since everyone that mentions my name are typing like Maki, Apham, Emp, Tracu, Ktype, One, Nesb and other regulars. I'm usually in my discord with friends so I'm talking to them more often than in the server since I'm just playing. I talked alot before @shibbyyyy can vouch for me on that one since I talk to him alot on mic he should know what i mean lol but usually I'm in discord or I'm listening to music and just want to play. Yes I agree with @shoottomaimI thought there was alot of admins thats why I never bothered with this but so far the only one I've actually seen do something is Imod and Adminpolice before it was Du ma & Moop but they haven't been on at all. Up to you guys I was just suggested to apply by Imod & Moop and like ive said on the original post that "imod told me to apply but I honestly didn't want to cause admins were always on especially imod"
  13. _beNN


    NickName: _beNN Age:28 Steam ID:STEAM_1:1:15271276 How long (average) have you been playing Counter-Strike games? since BETA i used to go to cafes just to play this game Do hold any Moderator/Administrator position or similar role within any other Gaming Community? back in source I was an admin haven't been an admin since csgo came out since I just focused on playing competitive Which server do you play on the most? VPP Ever had an admin function before? Not familiar with csgo if its the same as back in source then its easy Why do you think you deserve admin? I know how to spot cheaters easily theyre too dumb to actually hide it just have to pay attention. imod told me to apply but I honestly didn't want to cause admins were always on especially imod but since the game is f2p now I'd rather have the power to get rid of these cheaters thats about to hit all servers. I know cause every 10man public server i've joined when VPP has 0 people always ALWAYS had cheaters and not just one more than like 3-4 people just blatantly cheating. When will you be active (the most)? I'm active at night and pretty much always on VPP server unless im playing with friends. How will you draw people in our server? by force duh? I've actually had like 7-8 friends who've joined the server already when its not populated yet, they're just stubborn and don't want to pay for the spot when they get kicked lol I, "_beNN", agree with the Admin Rules. If I abuse my admin, I will accept the consequences.
  14. _beNN


    Thanks! Lol yeah never too late
  15. _beNN


    Hii baiter :))
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