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  1. Gordon Boxman

    Young Kid

    I'm having issues with this kid and the server just wants him to leave Here's the ID for the server :
  2. Gordon Boxman

    Losing Points From RTD

    I enjoy your TF2 servers but there is a problem I have with it : RTD My Problem is while I play and dominate multiple players,if they use RTD they can kill me for free if they get a good Effect like : Godmode,invisibility,tiny player and more. Even if a player gets a bad effect,they can easily get back to there base and wait next to your supply box and wait until the effect goes away and wait until you can use RTD again. But this isn't my biggest problem,my main problem is that you lose points and they get points if they are under a RTD effect,no matter what the effect is. To me you shouldn't get or lose points if you use a RTD effect and kill a player, or die by a RTD effect. (Becides Dying Under A RTD Effect)