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  1. police


    Ah, well, an update would've been great. Since I got a VAC ban does that disqualify me completely? I got it while playing MW2 when my friends and I tried to use aimbot. Obviously don't use cheats or like that anymore, otherwise I'd be banned from Insurgency. If it's just the hours, let me know and I'll work on it. How much do you recommend? The minimum requirement according to the application rules was 20 hours server time, and I got that. If it's because of the VAC, let me know.
  2. police


    I'd hate to sound impatient or rush the process, but it's been a week since I was told I was going to receive updates to my application.
  3. police


    I foolishly completely forgot to do the pledge, my apologies. I, police, agree to the admin rules and if I break them I will accept the consequences
  4. police


    Awesome! Take your time.
  5. police


    Your Name: Kevin B (steam name as of now is "Come And Take It") Age:18 Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/CantStumpDaTrump/ Server applying for: Los Angeles, NYC, and Texas Do you have admin experience? Not on Insurgency. Do you have any skills or knowledge that will help you with the role? (Relating to the Skills and Qualities is a bonus) I have experience moderating a very large subreddit, and experience being a high rank in several different large clans. Why do you wish to become a Server Administrator? Honestly, and I'm not exaggerating, ClanVPP is t
  6. police


    Hey guys, I'm police and it's a pleasure to join this great community. I will be applying to be an admin for Insurgency once I get the 20 hour server time. Looking forward to meeting all of you!
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