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  1. Awww we got another old guy!! Welcome to the club brother!!
  2. you are all setup
  3. Thank you , all setup now
  4. server should be working now
  5. Thank you for your cash gonna take my family for DIM SUM now!!
  6. all setup bud
  7. all setup ty
  8. all setup mam
  9. map should be added on now. Just do a vote on it to change map and test it out
  10. will add this first thing friday!!
  11. alll setup bud
  12. you are all setup thank you
  13. Thank you , you are all setup
  14. you are all setup bud thank you
  15. acknowledged

    Rainbox was a community we sponsored but we are not longer doing that since we shut down a few of the NY Servers to cut cost. Most likely NY pub and NY Retake will be taken down or I have to redo the whole NY Retake server since Rainbox is no longer with us. I will make sure to ad ads on there too. Will try to work on it Friday