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  1. Thank you for the donation, you should be setup now bud
  2. Thank you bud, you should be setup now
  3. I don't see you on the ban list so it might be just a temp ban.
  4. you are all setup bud, thank you
  5. You can try now, had to restart the server
  6. He should be able to join on a map change or server restart whichever come first
  7. The banning admin will need to reply to this thread soon.
  8. hang tight , the admin will reply soon. Currently hes out serving our great nation during this crisis
  9. The banning admin will get on this thread soon.
  10. Thanks bud, you are all setup
  11. you should be all setup bud, thank you
  12. Thank you bud, you should be all set
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