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  1. I think most people are all addicted to PubG now
  2. New donation from DABstraKt

    Thank you bud, you are all set
  3. Reserved slot

    Thanks bud hes all setup now
  4. Reserved slot

    whats your steam id or in game name. Need that to set up your res slot
  5. New donation from smoockey

    Thank you bud
  6. New donation from Guest

    Thank you bud all setup
  7. Moop's VPP Member Application

    Its Hunnie not Honey!! You are not a true Texan
  8. Moop's VPP Member Application

    congrats bud you made it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Moop's VPP Member Application

    Waiting on Du Ma
  10. New donation from Yeti

    Thank you bud all setup
  11. Once our house is done, Seri and I are planning to host a VPP Lan Party at our house. Please let me know how many people are planing to come so we can make sure there's food and space for everyone. Location; Dallas, Texas When: Late 2017 or Early 2018. Most likely for 4 days. Got about 4 rooms upstairs for VPP members to share. Events: CSGO Matches!! We will have prize money set in later on. Food: Pho places in Dallas, Brazilian Steak house, Sushi, and Korean BBQ. I got a few places I want us to go eat, please let me know what other type of food you guys want. If someone know how to grill we can do that too. Drinks: Water, Fruit punch and grown ups drinks. Please don't get wasted and act stupid. No Fighting Let me know if anything else you want to do for the VPP party, this would be my very first time hosting. Bring your own comp too because I only have 2 to 3 spare computers for you guys to play csgo on.
  12. New donation from Burritos

    Thank you bud you are all setup
  13. VPP Lan Party late 2017 or Early 2018.

    House is done but I ended up taking care of my parents so they are living with me now. Not sure on the ETA of the party but 100 % it won't be this year. Will have to put off until 2018 for now
  14. Possible Next Meet Up: CS Major in Boston (Jan)

    Urgg Vegas is the last spot I wanna go now. There was a mass shooting then a few months before that some crazy guy was running people over with a bus. I'm too old to die this young. Does that make sense?
  15. reserved slot

    should be fixed now, I think our list got reverted back before September.
  16. New donation from iMod

    Thank you bud!!!!!!!
  17. New donation from Garrett

    Thank you bud!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. some dude

    Valve loves killing off legit communities and PUBG is too legit now but Welcome bud
  19. Moop's VPP Member Application

    We could use someone else that knows a lot about ts3 because when people message me things about ts3 , I'll be like whats ts3? Also do you know how to update our forum? There's a new version out and stuff so that need to be updated thru ftp and stuff.
  20. Application for Membership - Mrs. Moop

    Ok then its final shes VPP!!!!!!
  21. Application for Membership - Mrs. Moop

    Got my vote girly girl!! lets get more vpp into this thread
  22. New donation from defau1t

    Thank you luv!!
  23. New donation from Moop the communist

    Aww thanks MOOPY
  24. $10 Donation

    Thank you bud he should be setup
  25. New donation from kyliejenner

    Thanks Mod and thank you for donating bud