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  1. you should be all setup bud. Thank you for supporting this POOR Community
  2. I'm sick please take care of me
  3. you should already been set. If server is full open console and type connect "ip"
  4. THank you bud all setup now
  5. I'm holding out for this new iphone this year. Better be the shit or else!!
  6. all setup bud, thank you
  7. thank you bud all setup now
  8. wow thank you bro
  9. you should be setup by now
  10. all set home slice
  11. all set bud
  12. all setup bud
  13. All setup bud
  14. You near fogo de chao or Texas De Brazil? Please shave your beard if you have one. I like a clean cut kinda guy you know no homo
  15. you have to put out at the end of the night
  16. Could you link us your steam id or in game name to get your perks
  17. Winner of this Tourney should get a Brazilian Steak House Dinner with me!! Lets go!!
  18. Sun, May 7 2017 2:42pm - answered by Charlie We're investigating this across the board right now. The move event was coincidental. We're seeing reports of these same crashes for INS/DoI in Frankfurt, LA, Chicago, etc. Once we find a cause or learn more from the developers we will follow up with this information. Seems like its either NFO problem or the game, but our INS in cali is fine doesnt crash. But we are waiting on an update from them now
  19. I went ahead and updated the sm on the server hopefully its working but have not test the game myself. Will need to install this game again later today to run some test
  20. All setup bud, thank you
  21. already got all your info bud, you are set lol
  22. my man!!
  23. all setup bud
  24. if thats cute come get this D or pick me up
  25. I'm a FREE agent!! I would like to be on a team to help cheer you guys on as a bench warmer but if needed I can put out my P90 and help out. Please pick me!! I'm old and lonely