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  1. $10 Donation

    Thank you bud he should be setup
  2. New donation from kyliejenner

    Thanks Mod and thank you for donating bud
  3. I'll coach you big boi
  4. If you dont have the exact same lineup then it should be fine. This tourney is for fun and for people to get some xp and win some loot. Have fun guys and kick some ass. I hope we got a bunch of team playing this time, if we do I will increase the Tourney prizes.
  5. I would say if the team won 2 tourneys in a row, they should split up if not then they should stay the same if they choose. Did you guys win back to back tourney?
  6. Applying for Admin

    Congrats on passing the admin test. I will get you setup by either later tonight or tomorrow when I'm free
  7. Applying for Admin

    Well respected player, glad you are with us now :>. Admin Police will get you the link to the admin test pretty soon.
  8. New donation from wowow

    Thank you bud you are all setup now
  9. New donation from Maniac

    Thank you bud you are all setup
  10. Cherryyy Membership Application

    yea once she get that 20 hours on game me we can start the voting procedure
  11. denied VPP Admin Application

    Denied, please follow the steps and do a proper application
  12. PUBG Sub-form?

    yea for sure if we can start hosting it
  13. PUBG Sub-form?

    Yea we can once we get more people replying to this thread
  14. New Girl

    I hope you guys know you are talking to the New Girl which is a bot. Spam Bot
  15. Let's try to make this tourney $1000. Yea!! So you nerds need to watch those MOTD ads on our servers. Thank you and play on.
  16. $10 Donation

    Thanks bud he should be all setup
  17. New donation from Running-man

    All setup bud
  18. New donation from ashax

    You are all setup, thank you bud
  19. New donation from Iblis

    Thank you bud all set up
  20. New donation from Guest

    Thank you bud
  21. New donation from Guest

    you are all setup
  22. New donation from Guest

    Thank you bud you should be setup
  23. New donation from bot yao

    Thank you so much for donating bud!! you are awesome
  24. New donation from Guest

    Please let us know your steam id or in game name to get your perks
  25. New donation from Guest

    Thank you bud you should be all setup