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  1. I also just turn on the built in auto team balance function in csgo. Lets see if thats any good compare to the sm plugin.
  2. We tested auto balance plugin before and all were trash. We already put auto force pick so people can't try to stack. If there's an admin on the server ask them to scramble team. There's an option for that on the admin menu.
  3. thanks benn already took care of it. you should be set
  4. honestly if an admin tell you to leave him alone then you should leave him alone instead of roasting him. Yall don't like each other that's good, I don't really care. Some people come on to play to get away from the real life hardship or drama. I know you were the one who was spreading rumors about benn being a bad admin and you don't know what he does undercover. Be happy its just a mute, just roast someone else that actually like you instead of someone that hate you. Closing this thread now, I'm sure its a temp mute but if you are still muted message me on steam and I will fix that.
  5. Thank you for the donation, you should be setup now bud
  6. Thank you bud, you should be setup now
  7. I don't see you on the ban list so it might be just a temp ban.
  8. you are all setup bud, thank you
  9. You can try now, had to restart the server
  10. He should be able to join on a map change or server restart whichever come first
  11. The banning admin will need to reply to this thread soon.
  12. hang tight , the admin will reply soon. Currently hes out serving our great nation during this crisis
  13. The banning admin will get on this thread soon.
  14. Thanks bud, you are all setup
  15. you should be all setup bud, thank you
  16. Thank you bud, you should be all set
  17. you are all setup bud thank you
  18. Thank you bud, you should be setup now
  19. Thank you for playing guys and Merry Christmas to all of you: Negev = Nesb and NOz = $50 Zeusu= Bot_luka = $25 knife= Benn = $100 Please Pm me your paypal
  20. Hi buddy, you should be setup now. I also added you on steam for a chat.
  21. skins been disabled for now, if traffic goes down on our server then I will have to put it back on.
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