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  1. wire


    Battlefield 4 is pretty awesome. If any of you guys play, add me: dreamwire.
  2. anybody have an autosniper or awp skin they are willing to part with?
  3. i want teh tshirt, where is it
  4. yeah! thanks, i'm pumped! tdg, i told you last night that i voted for you although my vote didn't count at all!
  5. wire

    [Accepted] wire

    if u guys need proof i actually exist i'll email you a pic. plz don't use it as porn though (d3c0y and nocean)
  6. wire


    aztec brings people together.
  7. wire


    put aztec back on the rotation!
  8. i want one. d3c0y probably wants the shirt to be fishnet since he's german, in which case i can't buy.
  9. wire

    [Accepted] wire

    screen name: wire real name: scott age: 30 location: texas previous clans: lots of cal-m clans during cs 1.1-1.6, stopped during source, started playing cs:go again playing cs since: a long time ago preferred weapon: awp preferred map: nuke ct side why: well because ribbit's porn voice is super sexy. du ma's legs are really hairy. bacon has a nice face. i taught warpanda how to play cs. bry is my little brother. nocean is my father. stalker got his name after we caught him outside my sister's window. oh, and i pub and pug with you guys all the time. can't really upload a photo because
  10. fo sho! add this and cbble and aztec. we need some new maps!
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