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Flamboyant Slump God

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  1. Flamboyant Slump God

    I am Slumped

    Well, I like forums/communities/servers. I also love to keep myself busy. However, I know when enough is enough. Recently resigned at one place however I still hold 2 hidden positions there which works out fine for me. I am tryin to find more gamemode communites. DISC-FF, SG, etc etc. are all good examples.
  2. Flamboyant Slump God

    I am Slumped

    I am a Flamboyant Slump God. I am not really flamboyant, but it beats the actual hell outta my old name soo. Sure. I play a nice wide range of instruments: Guitar Electric Bass Double Bass Violin Cello Trombone Piano Saxophone And that's it. I also do some things here and there. I own a community of my own, and am currently a Forum Moderator for another (1 step away from Head Admin, 1 step above Server Admin). I am a current code developer, and technician, and have insane amounts of forum know-how. Nice to meet y'all.