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    i'm sorry

    Thanks everyone, and true @ Gondolf...true... *cries
  2. Player

    i'm sorry

    Copenhagen, yes I was trolling when I was asking waterfall for hacks "for a friend" - I'm sorry if my sarcasm wasn't apparent (it's hard to tell over text.) That wasn't meant to be taken literally, only as a joke because of how adamant waterfall was for calling me out for hacks. I know waterfall is from the Ukraine (or at least according to Steam) and so maybe my New York sarcasm did not translate very well. I also wrote him a song too. That was a joke. I can't say I play "godlike" at all because I'm really not that good. There are so many players in this server who are actually godlike and ar
  3. Player

    i'm sorry

    Trolling I will admit to. Sometimes when the whole team is going A, I will rush B if I have the bomb and etc. Honestly, I did not know this was an offense worth banning but knowing that, I won't do it again. As far as hacking goes, that's not true. Do you have a demo or something of me "toggling" because I don't hack. If by "toggling" people are wondering why some days I am on top of the scoreboard and some days I am not getting any frags, I like to play CS:GO to de-stress sometimes and sometimes I play with my trypants on. When I'm de-stressing, I'm usually blazed out listening to music
  4. Player

    i'm sorry

    In-game Name: waterfall is my hero (name at the time, i change it like every day) Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:33346522 Reason to Appeal: i'm sorry if i disrespected or offended waterfall. i was just trying to joke around as he was instigating that i was a hacker and shit. i won't do it again. i really like playing on the server. Ban Message: Waterfall sucks Server: Very Poor People | Dallas| Comp| 128 Tick http://bans.clanvpp.com/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_1:1:33346522&advType=steamid&Submit
  5. Player

    some dude

    not too long ago i got back into cs:go and really only have time to play during the weekends and i stumbled upon this server/community. at first i thought it was just some randy server until i realized this was a legit community of long time cs players and after trying to join the server this evening and getting seriously frustrated due to slot reservation kicks, i decided to donate $10. it's awesome to find a community of people that is very reminiscent of the days i used to play all the time with friends in 1.6 communities. if $10 helps keep VPP alive, that's nothing. i didn't know
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