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  1. Player

    i'm sorry

    Thanks everyone, and true @ Gondolf...true... *cries
  2. Player

    i'm sorry

    Copenhagen, yes I was trolling when I was asking waterfall for hacks "for a friend" - I'm sorry if my sarcasm wasn't apparent (it's hard to tell over text.) That wasn't meant to be taken literally, only as a joke because of how adamant waterfall was for calling me out for hacks. I know waterfall is from the Ukraine (or at least according to Steam) and so maybe my New York sarcasm did not translate very well. I also wrote him a song too. That was a joke. I can't say I play "godlike" at all because I'm really not that good. There are so many players in this server who are actually godlike and are way better than me too!! Like with how long I've been playing CS I still don't get how some people are so good. Look, I get your concerns but I don't know when or not people are spectating me. I have no way of knowing who is spectating me and when, so I really can't come up with something to say because this is the first I'm hearing about being monitored at all for a period of time. I thought this ban was just random. Lastly about the going into sites, that is luck dude. You know like, 90% of the time I fail with that stuff right? It doesn't work every time. And that's when people are yelling "WHO WENT B WITH THE BOMB" etc. lol Do you guys not record demos of hackers before you ban them for hacking? I'm sorry but it just seems unfair to go off of a hunch. Seriously, have HLTV or whatever you have on the server record demos of me offline (if you have that) and watch them all you want. I am legit. I do troll, and I'll stop. (I just donated $10, too, man!!!)
  3. Player

    i'm sorry

    Trolling I will admit to. Sometimes when the whole team is going A, I will rush B if I have the bomb and etc. Honestly, I did not know this was an offense worth banning but knowing that, I won't do it again. As far as hacking goes, that's not true. Do you have a demo or something of me "toggling" because I don't hack. If by "toggling" people are wondering why some days I am on top of the scoreboard and some days I am not getting any frags, I like to play CS:GO to de-stress sometimes and sometimes I play with my trypants on. When I'm de-stressing, I'm usually blazed out listening to music and just playing for fun (and usually that's when I am doing ridiculous things, which I won't do anymore per what I said above.) Again I'm sorry for trolling and I can't say that I do hack and sorry, but I doubt you have any proof of me hacking. If you did I'd love to see what demos of me you consider hacking, no offense. I'm not that good. Thanks for hearing me out and hope I'm able to play with VPP community again. I just found you guys not too long ago and I REALLY like the people who play on the server. They are hilarious and remind of the good ole days.
  4. Player

    i'm sorry

    In-game Name: waterfall is my hero (name at the time, i change it like every day) Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:33346522 Reason to Appeal: i'm sorry if i disrespected or offended waterfall. i was just trying to joke around as he was instigating that i was a hacker and shit. i won't do it again. i really like playing on the server. Ban Message: Waterfall sucks Server: Very Poor People | Dallas| Comp| 128 Tick http://bans.clanvpp.com/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_1:1:33346522&advType=steamid&Submit
  5. Player

    some dude

    not too long ago i got back into cs:go and really only have time to play during the weekends and i stumbled upon this server/community. at first i thought it was just some randy server until i realized this was a legit community of long time cs players and after trying to join the server this evening and getting seriously frustrated due to slot reservation kicks, i decided to donate $10. it's awesome to find a community of people that is very reminiscent of the days i used to play all the time with friends in 1.6 communities. if $10 helps keep VPP alive, that's nothing. i didn't know these places still existed.