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  1. リンズラー

    banned Unban?

    Whatever you folks decide, even if I get unbanned. I ain't gonna play on your servers anymore and I'll prob advice my friends not to play on your servers as well. Just how shitty your system is amazes me. I was a moderator/community manager as well and we never had this stupid rule of banning people because they had a vac ban/ another community server ban. The 15v15 casual like 1.6 was fun but it was short lived. Whatever, I had my fun.
  2. リンズラー

    banned Unban?

    I remember seeing you in spectate for two full games(that's like 1h 30m of gameplay). I suppose you were spectating me. You didn't gather any proof of me cheating, but you still straight up perma banned me because I had a vac ban from a dead game. Yeah ok sounds about right. The other community ban you talking about, let me answer that for you, the guy who banned me from the other server was a shitty silver who I killed repeatedly and he as well banned me without any proof. If that's not enough for you, why am I not banned from countless other community servers I play on? Why is there only one community server ban attached to my steam profile. You considered that before banning me why don't you consider my smfc rank in csgo(overwatch is a thing ya know) or my rank on other community servers. I spend so much time on retake servers I am rank one on some those servers. Dmfrenzy. Look me up over there. This banning without proof just doesn't seem fair to me. That's all.
  3. リンズラー

    banned Unban?

    Forget about it, I'll just go and play somewhere else. Have fun!
  4. リンズラー

    banned Unban?

    Hi, I was banned, here is the info, In-game Name: リンスラー Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/givewarinfinity/ Reason to Appeal: I wasn't hacking. Ban Message: Disconnect: You have been banned by this server, check http://bans.clanvpp.com/ for more info. Server: I wasnt hacking, trolling. I deliberately got the two bans on my profile, to trigger people in mm and it works. I can record my gameplay if you want. You can see I have spent time on my profile. Leveling up and artwork and stuff. I can't hack. Thats just not a possibility. Can you please provide what proof you guys gathered before banning me?