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  1. @Welcome to ClanVPP Bumping this thread as this continues to be a constant annoyance. It seems like the general majority of regulars do not enjoy skins, yet there is a small contingent that uses them. As Benn pointed out initially, once one person uses them, it becomes a snowball effect. (So much so that the common trend is to type !skins in team chat, so the other team doesn't do it immediately. A pretty obvious sign that this is used in a toxic way) How much do I need to donate to make them go away? Can we crowdfund it? This is the only issue with VPP servers. Maybe we
  2. Me and my big ol' mouth is definitely guilty of this... I'll work on it
  3. Barney


    Congrats _beNN!
  4. Thank YOU guys for the time spent/financial investment on the servers! I appreciate you guys.
  5. @Moop the communist Also if possible I would like to use this to donate a reserved spot to The Eastern Dandy
  6. @Moop the communist Can you change my forum name to Barney please
  7. My smart ass didn't leave a note on the donation - let me know what I need to do lol
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