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  1. @Welcome to ClanVPP Bumping this thread as this continues to be a constant annoyance. It seems like the general majority of regulars do not enjoy skins, yet there is a small contingent that uses them. As Benn pointed out initially, once one person uses them, it becomes a snowball effect. (So much so that the common trend is to type !skins in team chat, so the other team doesn't do it immediately. A pretty obvious sign that this is used in a toxic way) How much do I need to donate to make them go away? Can we crowdfund it? This is the only issue with VPP servers. Maybe we have Friday/Saturday nights with Skins on, the rest of the weekdays are normal? I feel like there are better options.
  2. Me and my big ol' mouth is definitely guilty of this... I'll work on it
  3. Barney


    Congrats _beNN!
  4. Thank YOU guys for the time spent/financial investment on the servers! I appreciate you guys.
  5. @Moop the communist Also if possible I would like to use this to donate a reserved spot to The Eastern Dandy
  6. @Moop the communist Can you change my forum name to Barney please
  7. My smart ass didn't leave a note on the donation - let me know what I need to do lol
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