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  1. Just making it clear that I have taken the test and am awaiting review. I took the test Sunday April 8th around 12pm.
  2. This is hype! Very happy to see this.
  3. I think there isn't much explanation needed for this one, folks. Anytime someone mentions the name "TeamSpeak" there's a hefty majority who snicker and kid. I and many others in the community would appreciate a Discord server for the best, convenient access to community discussion, chat, and help. After bringing up the topic on multiple occasions in the Dallas TF2 Trade Server, the request for a Discord server remained unanimous throughout. Not a single person stood up for poor TeamSpeak. Ideally, it would not be a replacement for the forum, nor be organized the same way. The main purpose it would serve is the same or similar to TeamSpeak's. The server would be organized and setup by the VPP crew, and there would be separate channels and roles respectively for Guests, Members, and Administration. There would also be separate channels for the several servers across all the games hosted by VPP. For maximum convenience, this Discord server could be community operated. I've made a large slew of Discord servers, all successful with their original goals and intentions. I have a library of community members that would be more than happy to assist with this method if the VPP authorities are unable to muster up something this size. I understand time is precious to many of you admins, much respect for carrying on and continuing to serve. salute. Hopefully this idea does not fall through, and it isn't too inconvenient for administration to hop onto. I think this sort of movement would be a great step in the right direction for everyone: Community members, Newcomers, and even for Admins, granting quick, easy access to all the players. Similar to the occasional server message in the chat advertising the clanvpp site, a new message could be added that advertises "We have a Discord server: [invite link]" or something of the like. These are just a few ideas as well, I'm sure I didn't cover everything. If anyone has anything at all to contribute, feel free to do so.
  4. I would first like to begin by stating I am very sorry for the very late response. I was having issues logging into my forum account. With that fixed and out of the way... This is an example of an inside joke with friends. In our original home server, unhealthy players with toxic attitudes would be granted the privilege of having a "bind made after them." Each of us who find them humorous enough would take a quote of theirs and bind it to a key. Never had I directed anyone to hang themselves, I was simply following suit of my pals. As an admin, this clearly isn't appropriate behavior; however, I figured I'd have fun with it while I could before my friends watched me become an enforcer of rules rather than someone to joke around with freely. In this instance, again accompanied by friends of the previously mentioned home server (being Aycerus the original host of the map), I was telling a user in voice chat who had a poor microphone that their trading efforts seemed to be futile, since they weren't having much success in the past hour. I had told the user this through the microphone, and they could not hear me since there were mic spammers they hadn't muted yet. They asked me to say what I said in chat, so I had. I told them they would have better luck trading elsewhere since no one was trading at the time. The message you cropped here is response to, you guessed it, friends. An inside joke about Aycerus. In short, Aycerus had "Trade Server" in the name as well, but no one traded there. My intention isn't to convince people trading does not happen on the server, that would be--stupid, really. My intent here was to respond to a joke made by pals. The player I gave the explanation to had already left by this time. Here, I would like to make clear that I am aware of the fact players can contact authority. The moment you clipped here was me hastily attempting to chill the server. The ground was starting to shake and it could be seen a mile away that the chat was going to be filled with "!calladmin" and "there's a hacker," "we need an admin," attempts; there was already plenty of that going on in the voice chat. The moment you clipped was at the point where the main minority knew there was a hacker, and knew the owner was already contacted. My attempts here were to tell the player "There is no command to notify the administration, we already have the owner on the line, please be patient." This effort was collaborative, as my friends were there to assist in spreading the word. The way I worded that, I can see why you call me out for it. Apologies, I should have communicated more clearly that there was a way to contact the admin. I felt in the moment that this person had already understood an admin would be arriving, however. That is why I rushed and typed that response. Apologies for the long-winded responses, I'm just unsure of how approach these claims since I'm not used to being - for lack of a better term - 'interrogated' like this. Regardless, I hope these random instances haven't made a poor impression on you or any other staff members in the community. I assure you, the crude quoting of players is not something I'm dying to hold on to, and players will be granted with more descriptive explanations. I will be more prepared next time around for circumstances where some players are slow to the pitch. In short, there is crude humor between my friends and I that we toss around to one another. It's clear to me already that anyone can read this and interpret it badly, but upon obtaining an administrative position, I would not make such jokes. I now understand that the majority players don't know to navigate to the site (or... teamspeak) to report players, so this will now be information I make clear to players needing it. (Really, though, making a Discord server should be considered. I'm for certain more people would appreciate that convenience. I've told players there is a website and followed that with "There is also a Teamspeak server" in the most serious tone I can muster and the expected onslaught of laughter comes forth.)
  5. Thank you kindly. I appreciate it. Take all the time necessary.
  6. NickName: Reece Age: 18 Steam ID: http://www.steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198076404892 How long (average) have you been playing Counter-Strike games? Team Fortress 2? I play regularly. Every other day of the week, and every day when there's no work on my hands. Maintaining 20 hours monthly will be a breeze. Do hold any Moderator/Administrator position or similar role within any other Gaming Community? No. Which server do you play on the most? "Very Poor People | Trade Server | Dallas | ClanVPP.Com" (IP: (Map: trade_plaza_ox3_b4_fixed) Ever had an admin function before? Moderating Twitch streams counts, surely. Never moderated a TF2 server before, though. I'm sure dealing with little stinkers isn't any different in-game though. :^) Why do you think you deserve admin? This map is the only map I ever play TF2 on. Since this is the only server that hosts the map anymore, I dedicate all my time to the server. I handle situations well and allow everyone's input to be taken into consideration before enforcing a decision; an adequate amount of warnings will be issued prior. I also don't abuse administrative powers; I guess that's a given, but better off having it said here. When will you be active (the most)? Weekends for certain. Weekdays typically have 4 or more hours poured into them during afternoon hours, though. How will you draw people in our server? It's the only server I ever play on, and I refuse to play casual. It's the only way I'm going to play TF2, so any friends who wish to join me will be joining the server. I wouldn't mind wearing some sort of tag in my name either. Interacting with everyone and making sure a good time is had is my specialty, and an effort I'm determined to make. I, Reece, agree with the Admin Rules. If I abuse my admin, I will accept the consequences.
  7. I have no clue what to do to fix it. I'm no coder or whatever. I would just recommend removing the !friendly command since it has problems on the ox3 map in general. And, I would suggest setting sv_pure 0 so players may use their mods freely. The server is very popular now that Aycerus has shut down, and I speak for the entire Aycerus community when I request these things. We just want a fun experience on the map we know n love. If it isn't too much to ask, some moderation would be nice. If you don't have any moderators for the server there are a select few players in the community that would be more than happy to do so for the server.
  8. 1) Who the hecc is the owner and why is there no moderation 2) Why is the friendly command able to be used to intentionally crash the server 3) Can ^that get fixed and is sv_pure 0 a potential option? I kinda like my mods on my community servers. For one of the only servers that hosts ox3 it's kinda hard to get info on it.
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