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  1. Maxwell Macdonald 16 (Yes I am aware the requirement is 18 but I believe I am mature enough to take the role) steaID STEAM_1:1:196821968 steamID3 [U:1:393643937] steamID64 76561198353909665 Dallas TF2 Server I have Mod experience in a tf2 server that has since been shut down, it was formerly known as Trader's Anonymous I have knowledge of how to actually operate as a Mod/Admin (I know how to use commands and mod menus). In addition I am good at improvising and I believe myself to be friendly but at the same time serious when necessary. I want to become a mod because personally I love this server and come on to the server to have a fun time, I'm often disappointed that I have to listen to a micspammer, or deal with a cheater. I want to be able to do something immediately, not just for me, but for other people in the server. No I am not. Recommending the server to my friends and advertising the server to other tf2 players I, Maxwell Macdonald , agree to the admin rules and if I break them I will accept the consequences
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