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  1. Hi, all I would like to suggest adding my map as your permanent trade map to your trade server(s). I can change the map to add your logo if you have one and add/remove things as you see fit. I've had this map collecting dust for a while and want it to be on a server. Add me. Add me on Steam! I'd really like my map to get played! Map Description: For this map, I made a dark city with many buildings that are each accessible and have different surprised in each of them! The map is accessible to the top with any class. Yes, even heavy! The beginning is my take on Trade Plaza for all you people who like to snipe back and forth like me. And multiple exists to prevent spawn camping. Anyways, enough with the boring stuff lets see some screenshots! Features I have included: -Tic Tac Toe -Connect 4 -Complete Rocket Jumping Course -Heavy boxing ring with cage -Multiple Secrets -Sniper Mini-Game -Working Vending Machines! And much much more! Thanks for reading and let me know what you guys think. I was commissioned to make the map originally for heart.tf. But they backed out near the end. So the only link I have of the map has their logo on it. So if you'd like to take a look here's the link. Download!
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