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  1. Donated $5 Your In-Game Name: Faded SteamID:STEAM_1:0:88034836
  2. I’m able to connect now thank you!
  3. Okay let me know when I should attempt again to see if it works, thanks.
  4. I can finally see the server in my favorites but I joined twice and I’m getting the message “You have been banned from this server.” I’m still unable to join
  5. I loaded into my game to check if I could finally see the server but I’m still getting the message “server not responding” Could it be the system is still delayed or something else?
  6. Thank you! And I was saying it out of sarcasm in response to waffles but if I understand the context you’re saying I can’t use it in which is sarcasm or I guess in a scenario where I’m being accused I’ll just maintain seriousness and deny it but thanks for the understanding!
  7. Do you know who the admin is? I couldn’t find my ban on SB or a record of it and the message was a generic banning message
  8. We must have different definitions of asshole buddy. And you want me to remain banned because you got killed in lower when I heard your footsteps from mid doors and when I was upper heard you running around mid to B but okay. IMO you’ve been on my case since that kill and kept nagging at me that I’m cheating and to turn on walls lol. But by all means the asshole is the guy that’s reputation is being diminished because of a legit kill 🙄
  9. Forgot to include---> Imagine thinking sarcasm is evidence, a few people on my team on Mirage told me to ignore you because you were toxic and you always love provoking people so I decided to have fun with you in chat.
  10. 1. Its almost as if years of playing counter strike and over 3000 hours in GO makes me better at getting headshots especially when all I do is aim for the head and pre aim headshot level, try out some DM bud. 2. You getting killed in boiler was actually a lucky kill I was running and gunning 3. On the video of me walking in apps what do you want me to aim at the floor? I walk because my team mate in front of me walks 4. I cant hold an angle that cts peek or walk to hear foot steps of players on top of porch or just to shoot off a couple shots through the window? 5. I wal
  11. That's the thing I searched on SB too with my name and ID and found no record but the message I got was "banned from the server" which I found weird. I cant even find the server in my favorites anymore or when I look up the server IP.
  12. If your in game names waffle you had loud foot steps in lower on dust 2 if ur in game name isn’t waffle then idk who u are didn’t cheat
  13. In-game Name:Faded Steam ID:STEAM_1:0:88034836 Reason to Appeal: No idea why I was banned Ban Message: "You have been banned from this server" Server:Very Poor People | Dallas| Comp| 128 Tick |ClanVPP.com
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