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  1. I +support this. Being on the team that gets 16-0'd, 16-1, 16-2, 16-3, etc., is no fun at all unless you go in with a "I don't care anymore" mentality. But even with that mentality, it doesn't get fun when you just get one shotted when peeking corners.
  2. Just some more toxicity of _beNN if his 2 comments on this post weren't enough yet.
  3. ====================================================================================================================== Player(s) in-game name: _beNN STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:15271276 Server: VPP | Dallas | Comp Approx time: 9:00PM PST Details of incident(s): I was giving Benn a little banter in chat, but all of a sudden he mutes me and gags me. Zero warning. And apparently he's always said bad things about me in multiple admin chats. I wasn't even flaming him, I was just roasting him (we do this often in the server). I will say that benn has an ongoing gru
  4. The people that told you that I was "toxic" on T were trolling you. Just fyi Keep being an asshole on your own appeal though. I hope you remain banned.
  5. Lol I think it was very obvious that you are a toggler. You're very lucky I didn't manage to record the videos of you getting headshots (90% headshot rate? 25 kills? come on now) on Dust 2. I got a few of your action on Inferno afterwards. Witnesses of your (probable) hacking includes: Explicit QQ, Cim cim, Boofi, LotionLord Although my videos may not be enough to convince the admins, I believe that the screenshot of what you admitted is more than enough evidence. Asking for witnesses opinions will also contribute to this case. You admitted that this game "is boring without
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