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  1. TankAllTheThingsMike

    [ENDED] Free DayZ Give Away [ENDED]

    Id like one Dayz is always fun ona server with friends
  2. TankAllTheThingsMike

    Ultragaming Plugin?

    My suggestion, Try it on a new server. Pilot it, advertise it, see how plays take it. If they dont like it, take it down, if they do keep it up. I would not put it on our pubs, not until we have done a trial/error on a seperate server. Most of the players are not as good as say.. the top 20. So i think alot of them wouldn't want to play it. TLDR: Test it on a seperate new server, with maybe a 20 (10v10) cap. If works then go from there, if not then kill it with fire.
  3. TankAllTheThingsMike

    Eyo!! Oldschool forizzle in the hay-ouse!

    Sup! I figured id post here, because most people dont remember me, Im mike, and iv been here for.... along time. Was one of the oldschool members, been atleast 5 years in vpp if not longer, and now that life is calm I shall be roving around and more active! Hope to see yall playin, just dont shoot me
  4. TankAllTheThingsMike

    VPP Face Thread

    So, Everyone posted pics on the last forum cept me...So i figured id show you all a picture of me and restart this thread http://tinypic.com/r/29xghzk/6 Dont insult my ugliness