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  1. Id like one Dayz is always fun ona server with friends
  2. My suggestion, Try it on a new server. Pilot it, advertise it, see how plays take it. If they dont like it, take it down, if they do keep it up. I would not put it on our pubs, not until we have done a trial/error on a seperate server. Most of the players are not as good as say.. the top 20. So i think alot of them wouldn't want to play it. TLDR: Test it on a seperate new server, with maybe a 20 (10v10) cap. If works then go from there, if not then kill it with fire.
  3. Sup! I figured id post here, because most people dont remember me, Im mike, and iv been here for.... along time. Was one of the oldschool members, been atleast 5 years in vpp if not longer, and now that life is calm I shall be roving around and more active! Hope to see yall playin, just dont shoot me
  4. So, Everyone posted pics on the last forum cept me...So i figured id show you all a picture of me and restart this thread http://tinypic.com/r/29xghzk/6 Dont insult my ugliness
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