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  1. Thank you very much for responding. To be honest with you auto force pick isn't on that's what used to be on the server but got turned off people can choose the team they decide. And I want to mention something. Admins don't scramble teams, and the rare time they do that, people complain and server dead, This is because the scramble is not done from the beginning as it should be
  2. Hi, I hope you're all right. The reason for my post is as follows: This is a topic that many already know, I love the server and would like the best for him. I have a lot of time playing in VPP and I have noticed a problem that makes the server die early sometimes and it is the problem of "Stacking". I know that many people don't do it but there are others that do and nobody can deny it, I don't come to look for guilty people and I look for solutions. Long time ago vpp used to have auto team select, where as soon as you joined it put you on a random team that settings got turned of
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