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  1. i was for the idea of putting it on a diff server until someone mentioned the problem of hackers. i dont know how much of a risk taker you are, but this would classify as a ultra-high risk maneuver, even if just trying it on a new server.
  2. [quote="whosurdaddy972":3u088kcf]will you buy me one kennay?[/quote:3u088kcf] game is like $20 lol its not that bad.... i did buy it for only $10 tho when it went on sale [quote="Hackuracy":3u088kcf]I vote we all check out Path of Exile (Diablo Clone). The open beta is rolling out on Jan. 23rd.[/quote:3u088kcf] that game does look promising and it is f2p. since we all poor people that might be a good idea lol. youre allowed to pay for extra character slots and extra storage space though if you want.
  3. d3 is garbage... until they make a huge change to the game i dont feel like staring at the AH for hours to derive entertainment from this game. in other news.... check out torchlight 2
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