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  1. i agree you are really toxic to the server.. you always act like little kid at the toy store where your mommy didnt buy you the toy so you start crying and rolling on the floor... its really annoying... im surprised you havent been perma banned earlier...
  2. Ive got some questions for you. 1. Did you spam all your friends after you got banned and told them that you didnt do anything wrong.... then told them to ask admins to unban you? 2. Does your email have diamond in it? 3. Do you promise not to disrespect any admin/players that you do not know on VPP servers anymore?
  3. My favorite wun so far: Yan: What da hail dis guy da talkin Nerd1: Oh you da ching chong ching wang chong Yan: Why you da wacist on da internet? You da tuff wacist guy on da internet huh? A few minutes later... Nerd1: *** Receives a 7day ban on MM*** Yan: You want to be wacist on da internet too Nerd2?!@!@!!@@! Nerd2: No No I dont want to be racist on the internet. Yan: GOTEEEMM
  4. yancancook


    time for an update mistress #49 again this time i banged her at the airport bathroom 3am before a red eye flight... look at her eyes she knows WHO's DA SEXY WUN Asianwood, I dont have a daughter but I have 2 sons. Yes you can date my oldest son... he is 6foot 180lbs ...30+ inch vertical.... benches 300+ and WILL MAKE YOU HIS BITCH. Du Ma, haters gonna hate and bangers gonna bang RIP never forget... Marsellus, You wun coo cat
  5. posting this up just in case someone on VPP has had this problem also i have had this problem for over a year and it really pissed me off basically to fix it all i did was [b:c2zdv5js]disable steam overlay[/b:c2zdv5js]. finally no more stupid FPS drops.
  6. Toan, sorry i dont read this section much heres is the retakes server that i play on sometimes its alot of fun and nonstop action... we need a VPP retakes server!!!
  7. yancancook


    misstress #119 EXTREME.... EXTREME case of ButterFace but had to motorboat those bad boyzzzz all the way to Hong Kong...... please dont tell my wife
  8. yancancook


    hanging out with mistress #49 ... i banged her in the back of my rented SUV... as you can obviously tell ive been hitting the GYM and the WOMENZZZ hard please dont tell my wife [img:16zj5k4v]http://m.f9.img.vnexpress.net/2012/09/16/Hoang-My-va-Mr-Yan-nam-uong-1347677655_480x0.jpg[/img:16zj5k4v] [img:16zj5k4v]http://m.f9.img.vnexpress.net/2012/09/16/Mr-YAN-tai-bai-biento-1347677655_480x0.jpg[/img:16zj5k4v]
  9. yancancook


    you were/are drunk and you used the N word... plus you were talkin smack to alot of people... you should stay banned..
  10. [youtube:22cpcr6n]http://youtu.be/PokyuYFiBPU[/youtube:22cpcr6n] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PokyuYF ... e=youtu.be
  11. [img:2pm50dvn]http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_ATIpxij7Hu0/Rzm121Nz9wI/AAAAAAAABQg/1VFG5CjXoZU/s1600/Martin_Yan.jpg[/img:2pm50dvn]ANYONE WANT SOME DEEP FRIED DOODLES?
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