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  1. well i am a VPP supporter and i cant access themm..
  2. Alekseykua


    Welcome to the forums!! and @Whoesurdaddy, when do you scrim? add me on steam: Alekseykr Ill be down for whenever
  3. and just a little side not on how i feel about the regular server. Ive been playing on it but the same maps in the rotation are kind o fgetting boring
  4. 24/7 D2 is always empty. You should turn it into a fun/classic server with good old maps like scoutzknives.. maybe some Aim maps.. if you get my gist
  5. Dont be sorry, just when you get some time put it on there! Thanks!
  6. Alekseykua


    oh or Buffalo chicken thats better than ^
  7. Alekseykua


    peporoni and the other half jalapenos .. the best!
  8. OMG Ver1tas i remember you man! And i know adambomb as well. I did not attend WCU but i loved their servers.! add me on steam : Alekseykr See ya in the server man! ps: i play on the regular VPP server not the deathmatch and not on the dust 2 24/7
  9. Hey guys my ingame name is Communist. You guys might have seen me on the 32 man server. The servers are great and it reminds me of the 1.6 days on the WCU community servers, if anyone ever played there.. Thanks alot! See ya'll around!
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