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  1. Ver1tas-


    I am just asking for a fair chance... in a situation where I have done nothing wrong. The one admin that was in the server, that replied... clearly said that he was on the other team...
  2. Ver1tas-


    Explained... yes I see what you say... but I still see no proof... which, according to the rules is required... I dont want to be THAT dick... but... it is in the rules that adequate proof is required if a ban appeal is made... not only that... but I am a longstanding member of this community, and have tried on MULTIPLE attempts to talk about/figure this outside of this thread
  3. Ver1tas-


    lol... you have been "watching me for a while?" lo....OK... so to reply to your points... i was not mic spamming, i talk, when i make calls, and maybe a little after... but def not spamming... secondly... like i said before, i do not drink anymore... so i certainly was not drunk, i will give you my wifes phone number if you would like to confirm... and third, i did not use ANY form of the N word, as I do not condone that... my best friend is black, and that shit is F'd up I have manners thank you. I am in the military, almost 10 years. I know how shit works. so when you go catch
  4. lol really... "noise"... im just pointing out the obvious shit... regardless of whether i am an admin anymore or not, we need experienced people running the server... not people who "may" know what they are doing, because they have played CS for a few years... still, just my opinion... but i have been doing this shit for 10+ years
  5. Ver1tas-


    i love this community and want nothing but the best for it... but clearly the odds are against me from trying to keep that going.... yes, i fucked up before... but have done nothing since then, other than try to make up for that fact
  6. Ver1tas-


    and just for the record... no, i have not been drinking.... sorry to disappoint you
  7. Ver1tas-


    i didnt/dont use the N word... i have been a big proponent against it... and yea i may talk shit, but who doesnt? i mean this stuff is all built around "who has the biggest dick"... but for tonight... no, i was not even talking shit... i was just having fun being terrible at CS... so i have no clue what you are talking about... server rules say to have proof of any infraction... proof? if we are deviating from that, then the powers that be must no want to adhere to their own rules...
  8. Ver1tas-


    lol seriously? when did I say the "N" word? I was always a big advocate against that shit... Please provide me some proof...
  9. not seen this kid in the server... "-Why do you think you deserve admin? I've been playing the server for several months and I feel like I have a good grasp on what flies in the server and what doesn't. It's my favorite server. " wtf does this mean? wtf does the shit on the server, have anything to do with your f***ing admin? - How will you draw people in our server? I consider myself extremely anti-douchebag. I'll call out anyone who is being an asshole/griefer and defend anyone who's just trying to have fun. so because you arent a f***bag, it will draw people in? i call dumba
  10. like this dood... active in the server and a chill guy
  11. Ver1tas-


    I know the process, but I am not even dealing with that shit... why was I banned from the Dallas pub for "BANNED"? If someone can provide a good SS or demo of something I did wrong, then I will gladly accept... but I know that I did nothing wrong, so therefore there is no proof of any infraction... so please unban me .... this shit is ridiculous...
  12. Ver1tas-


    i know i fucked up, but it sucks you got rid of me... the Dallas server is plagued with team stackers and trolls that are not taken care of because there are not enough early morning to mid day admin to take care of them... i try to play there when i can, but i end up leaving after a few rounds because the stacking is retarded, or because admins don't do shit about it... not only that, now there are trolls all over the place... im not asking for the amount of power i had, but i love this community, and don't want to see it go to shit... so I am asking for limited power back to remove assho
  13. I got an "off brand" named Sharkoon... comes with its own software to program DPI, buttons, the works... its only $30 at newegg... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... -_-Product the one i got was all black, but it is the fireglider model... I got it after my G500 died, and freaking LOVE IT... especially for $30
  14. He probably uses a higher dps mouse as well... i use 800 dpi and like a 2 sens.... guess its just us old school CSers used to those old 800 dpi mice, before the laser days....
  15. Hmmm cant say I have had that happen with a forum... I would clear the chache and cookies and whatnot... maybe even clear the form data and/or saved passwords, at least for this site... then see if it still does it
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