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  1. have to get rid of the skeleton skin. it blends with any dusty surface
  2. try changing you dx level in game or updating you dx level
  3. so does this include people like myself
  4. zosophil


    welcome to the server! now that you're here, don't be too alarmed if being the only girl on starts to feel like this: [img:2kb8sa56]http://i.imgur.com/8ZMqFXa.gif[/img:2kb8sa56]
  5. dallas would be the best for me, verizon fios = 5 latency in dallas
  6. steam id is 0:0:12398487 [url=http://www.legit-proof.com/search/?method=guid&query=0%3A0%3A12398487:1bgxhw25]legit proof[/url:1bgxhw25] has some of the things ive done
  7. du ma kept bugging me about it so: zmmmmmmhhhhh Homestar (give or take a few mm and hh's) -Age: 27 -How long (average) have you been playing Counter-Strike games? little less than 10 years -Ever had an admin function before? yes, all #sourceinvite servers on source and various others -Why do you think you deserve admin? b/c im from dallas, and du ma told me to do this -When will you be active (the most)? after 5pm weekdays, various time weekends - How will you draw people in our server? a negev on a wall of your choice I, "homestar", agree with the Admin Rules. If I abuse my admin, I will accept the consequences.
  8. man its so much cheaper to just buy the parts and build it yourself, its not hard at all to put it together either -homestar-
  9. man working for amazon really makes these contest pointless for me. but thanks for rising my stock price!! -homestar
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