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    Orange-assed, Cran-assed, Smoothie-assed, or Scotch-assed juice.
  2. boognish

    Cool Cross Hair

    I just use classic static with a medium-sized green, works like a charm...far as I know. >_>
  3. boognish


    Totally in agreement, AWP is necessary but it becomes kind of impossible for a team down 4-0 to do ANYTHING once literally every other player on the opposite 15-man team has one or an auto. Will definitely vote on this
  4. boognish

    VPP T-Shirt

    I'd totally buy one of the first two suggested designs. I have some one-deag shirts from Pure Pwnage but it'd be nice to have this.
  5. boognish

    Greetings from vk7_Pr3d4t0R

    For your FPS you do damn good dude. Nice to see you on here.
  6. boognish

    boognish - Hello all

    Steam name right now is boognish, I change it around sometimes. I've been on the server a lot lately and consistently come back for the friendly people and good players. Nice to be on the forums. 23-year-old from Southeastern Ontario. I started on Source (I know, I know) in 2007, played an assload of that and got into 1.6. GO came out and I really like its mix of both worlds aside from some minor gripes, so now I need to play to get my skill back, and jesus, it's not back yet. You'll see a lot of me on the server during the evenings in the near future!