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    [b:159fhva4]Name:[/b:159fhva4] de_vpp aka Whosyourdaddy's house [b:159fhva4]Style:[/b:159fhva4] Whosyourdaddy's house. Long roads with several turns. There are numerous boxes on the streets and various props like carts and piles of bags to be used as cover. Maybe an underground tunnel that leads to a basement with lots of computers for ddosing. Sort of like cs_estate but just a bit bigger and de instead. [b:159fhva4]T spawn: [/b:159fhva4]starts at the end of the road [b:159fhva4]CT spawn:[/b:159fhva4] Whosyourdaddy's house that's at the end of the map [b:159fhva4]Bombsite A:[/b:159fhva4] Inside whosyourdaddy's house [b:159fhva4]Bombsite B: [/b:159fhva4]The basement with lots of computers for ddosing I made a drawing for you just for conceptual purposes. I am quite proud of my skill in MS PAINT. If you guys want more just ask: [url=http://www.mediafire.com/view/siokq7zeks8a1aa/DE_VPP.png:159fhva4][img:159fhva4]http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/2e5d/siokq7zeks8a1aa4g.jpg[/img:159fhva4][/url:159fhva4]
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    Happy Early Bday Peachy!!!

    happy birthday grandma :>
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    A gem from one of my comp matches

    LOL good stuff
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    Case Simulator

    For all you case addicts: http://case.convars.com The developer can be reached on the steam forums http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/s ... 789&page=1
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    Game trailer made by PieSauruS

    Yeah, but it feels like its been done to death sometimes. Ours had nothing really unique about it in terms of gameplay. Just a tower defense themed fictional human anatomy.
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    VPP Face Thread

    I am a tyrant and people should fear me. I have a macro for the kick menu.
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    Game trailer made by PieSauruS

    I made this game with a group of four random people for school last quarter. Game was developed on Unity3D in C# in ten weeks. I made the trailer because we had to make a presentation at the end of the tenth week. The title is a reference to Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Title of trailer: Heart of the Cells [youtube:30gpptis]http://youtu.be/GOwriU3p_1A[/youtube:30gpptis] I dropped out of the group at the end of the quarter. I didn't like the game as much as my group did. Not sure if my group will ever release it to the public. It wasn't very optimized and there were a lot of unconventional "features". It would not play well on mobile platforms(a lot of draw calls). The models were done in Maya. Nonetheless, I learned a lot :3 and it was a solid experience that I can boasts about for future interviews~
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    VPP Face Thread

    Because people in the pub were asking [url=http://www.mediafire.com/view/jonvt1h8aqs9239/ResumeProfile1.jpg:23n4kwui][img:23n4kwui]http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/39ca/jonvt1h8aqs92394g.jpg[/img:23n4kwui][/url:23n4kwui]
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    Why I hate Belle from Disneyland

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    So when you get a case, do you all buy keys?

    Sometimes...I'll just starve myself for a couple of days. Then with the money I end up saving, I'll buy a key if I'm not feeling too hungry. Sometimes it's not worth it. Sometimes it's worth a new game :]!
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    You down with vpp?

    Are you sure that's not one of the BICC BOI's? He looks like a Freddy to me.
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    Are there any true nerds in this community?

    [quote="Ver1tas-":13liqdpe]In todays society... they are all viewed the same[/quote:13liqdpe] Nope. There are minor differences. The origins of the word "geek" and "nerd" with their differences: http://www.wikihow.com/Tell-the-Differe ... -and-Geeks
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    Are there any true nerds in this community?

    [quote="Ver1tas-":u1krp6s9][quote="Dopekoke":u1krp6s9][quote="evetSliL":u1krp6s9]I'm...a nerd too? Have a couple thousand dollar comic collection....[/quote:u1krp6s9] i dont have much left, want to buy some of these? Death of Superman 93 Alien series of 3 92 Spawn 3 92 Spawn 6 92 Spawn 7 93 Spawn 8 93 Spawn 9 93 Spawn 10 93 Spawn 13 93 Spawn 14 93 Spawn 15 93 They are all first print near mint cardboard in sleeves[/quote:u1krp6s9] Come talk to me when you own all of the original star wars series 1 figurines... still in their boxes... and yea, not the late 90's/early 2000's remakes...[/quote:u1krp6s9] [quote="Ver1tas-":u1krp6s9]I only wear Bike shorts[/quote:u1krp6s9] NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERD!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH RUUUUUUUUUN FOR YOUR LIVES! In all seriousness, that screams more "geek" than "nerd".
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    [quote="NONOPUST":1bytrps5]>entered thread expecting retardation >left satisfied, albeit worried he will reproduce with another of his kind[/quote:1bytrps5] UGH! LEAVING PEOPLE SATISFIED IS WHAT I DO IT'S PRETTY EASY WHEN YOU GOT A BIG BUDEW~ #BUDEW #PHO #TWENTY #BarsPhoLyfe