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Will Smith

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  1. Will Smith

    Should we get a box in NJ? I got a decent offer

    Yeah, go for it. I live in the northeast so I'd definitely check it out.
  2. Will Smith

    Rifles floating, people can't hit each other

    As of 1122 EST, the problem has been fixed. A simple server restart resolved the issue. Thank you.
  3. Will Smith

    Code for Gun

    Hey guys, I recently bought a new video card and it came with a redeemable code that is worth one of three games. The choices are Far Cry 4, The Crew, or Assassin's Creed Unity. I'd like to trade this code for a CSGO skin bc I don't have any interest in buying new games. My goal is to get a ST M4 Bullet Rain or Asiimov, but I'd trade for anything that will create an avenue to this objective. Let me know!
  4. Will Smith

    VPP Halloween Skins?

    Yes! Great idea!
  5. Will Smith

    Take the Cali upgrade yes or no?

    Yeah sounds good.
  6. Will Smith

    Welcome our Newest VPP member TWIZ

    Welcome buddy! -The Smith Family PS. Here's my autograph! Will Smith
  7. Will Smith

    Anyone ever used Monster.com?

    I'm currently a lowly intern at a finance firm in Boston and I'm looking to branch out after this summer. I heard from a friend that Monster.com is a tool that allows you to post your resume online for potential employers to look at, and then contact you. I am kind of willing to give it a try, but I don't want to just post my resume willy-nilly around the internet, so I am wondering if anyone at VPP has used this type of service before? Big Will Smith PS. I'm actually Will Smith.
  8. Will Smith

    [Accepted] Will Smith

    Application wrote: -NickName: Will Smith -Age: 22 -How long (average) have you been playing Counter-Strike games? Since the early days of Source. -Ever had an admin function before? Yes, but it was a different game. -Why do you think you deserve admin? I play on the servers a lot and I really enjoy the atmosphere and people. -When will you be active (the most)? The evenings/night after work. - How will you draw people in our server? By being a cool, down to earth bro that is fun to be around. I, "Will Smith", agree with the Admin Rules. If I abuse my admin, I will accept the consequences.
  9. Will Smith

    Next Month Side contest Crate Keys?

    Should do Crates or whatever instead of keys.
  10. Will Smith

    What's for dinner?

    LAST night I consumed salmon, which came from the ocean... or perhaps some stream. I'm not really sure but they are a sea-faring animal. ...yeah... Then for breakfast I at Cheerios and drank some coffeeeeeeee. Some of my friends' parents put Bailey's in their coffee, which I have yet to try, but I'd like to see how it tastes one day. ONE DAY
  11. Will Smith

    How's the weather?

    I've been home for a few weeks from college now and it's been rainy and cloudy almost 24/7. I'm in Boston so I guess I should've expected that with New England and all. But today, I can kind of see the sun! Yeeeeeeeeeeh! #freshprince
  12. Will Smith

    I'm actually Will Smith

    [quote="Du Ma":2pdrqet6]How big is your penis??[/quote:2pdrqet6] Tuck that baby into my socks. But really... only Kada will know
  13. Will Smith

    I'm actually Will Smith

    Hey guys, I play a lot on the VPP CSGO server. Just stopping in to say hello! Will Smith #but actually