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  1. NumberOne

    VPP vs Destiny Calls [MLG team]

    BTW it shows you practiced T side but no CT
  2. NumberOne

    VPP vs Destiny Calls [MLG team]

    I m dissappointed you guys let Daddy carry you!!! Daddy I take it all back. YOU SHALL CARRY VPP TO VICTORY!
  3. NumberOne

    Rentard's Rant

    Are you referring to yourself Daddy? ^_^
  4. NumberOne


    I like turtles
  5. NumberOne

    #1 old vid

    Daddy told me to post this. This was never finished by #2 back when I was playing competitively. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ko5J5KzR_ZM&feature=plcp
  6. NumberOne

    CS GO

    Cause Mundo goes where he pleases!
  7. NumberOne

    Server Glitch

    Whenever I am ingame with Whosurdaddy, there seems to be a glitch where I always die before he does and he constantly kills the people that I have damaged and gets the kill. Please someone post a cure for this disease!!!
  8. NumberOne

    Rentard's Application

    I vote yes. Wait the 2 week period is not up yet??!! heuheuheu