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  1. Chicago for days. NY is indeed poop for west coasters AND some midwesterners.
  2. Every time I hear "Let it Go" I loudly proclaim "PERMISSION TO FART: GRANTED." Good movie though.
  3. Welcome to the forums!
  4. Batmayne tasers me in hilarious fashion. Automatic no from me.
  5. [quote="Shogee":29n1k0og]Boots and cats and boots and cats ! <3 Green Arrow and Raven [/quote:29n1k0og] You rang??? Congrats to Green Arrow and Rav3n!
  6. Welcome and good luck! Is your avatar of you about to bite your dog?! hahaha
  7. I would suppose it mainly depends on how quickly members of the community get to know you that determines how long you remain a recruit.
  8. [quote="Faultless":6nqozxyo]Actually the weapon changes/skins and such don't really bug me, Its game evolution. Its all the FPS drops and freezing on buy round. I think they just toss out patches with any sort of proper testing. Maybe these issues affect people differently but to me they just give me a stress head ache.[/quote:6nqozxyo] That's been from the updates? I thought that was either my internet connection or the server.
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