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  1. I originally banned him because server regulars were telling me he was hacking. I chose to go through with the action primarily because you said CSGO without hacks were not fun. Reviewing the evidence shown, I'm okay with unbanning him. However, for future reference, please try not to make statements that can be easily misconstrued. Jokingly referencing hacks is fine, but saying it matter-of-factly is a different story. One more thing - I noticed that you have multiple steam accounts. I strongly advise you to only play here with your main account
  2. All VPP servers are temporarily down due to the CSGO Patch for Operation Hydra. Servers will be back up as soon as they are updated for this operation. In the meanwhile, go get some Hydra skins.
  3. $2.00 Each after $7.00 MIR. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835200078&cm_re=Rosewill_140mm-_-35-200-078-_-Product&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=11552995&PID=8129406&SID=
  4. Acer 144 HZ 24" Widescreen Monitor for $155. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Acer-LCD-Widescreen-Monitor-24-Display-144-Hz-Full-HD-Screen-LED-Black-/252347503477?hash=item3ac1155375&rmvSB=true
  5. I have to change the bracket and times again? I will shank someone. [b:1aj60cg8][center:1aj60cg8][size=150:1aj60cg8][color=#FF0000:1aj60cg8]*** CHECK BRACKET AND MATCH TIMES AGAIN. BOTH HAVE BEEN UPDATED TO REFLECT CHANGES. THERE ARE NOW ONLY 6 TEAMS COMPETING. ***[/color:1aj60cg8][/size:1aj60cg8][/center:1aj60cg8][/b:1aj60cg8]
  6. [center:2ebk47zv][color=#FF0000:2ebk47zv][b:2ebk47zv][size=150:2ebk47zv]PLEASE CHECK THE BRACKET AND MATCH TIMES AGAIN. IT HAS BEEN CHANGED FROM 8 TEAMS TO 7 TEAMS AND NO MATCHES ARE OCCURRING ON CHRISTMAS EVE AND CHRISTMAS DAY.[/size:2ebk47zv][/b:2ebk47zv][/color:2ebk47zv][/center:2ebk47zv] [i:2ebk47zv][color=#FF8000:2ebk47zv][center:2ebk47zv]Team Trust will not be joining due to timing inconveniences.[/center:2ebk47zv][/color:2ebk47zv][/i:2ebk47zv]
  7. [quote="AdminPolice":3veo7gqf]Kinda shitty we are running off of eastern time. If I work that day, i'd get off at 10:15pm MST. So..... If this is how the tournament is gonna run on PST then I might as well not play.[/quote:3veo7gqf] I get that. But keep in mind your 10:15 PM MST is 12:15 AM for the East Coast. I can't possibly ask everyone on the East Coast to play at 12:15 am when they have to work in the morning. Each match is Bo3, so the match won't end until at least 1:30 am. I'm fine with setting the times to that since I'm up late anyway, but I will only change it if everyone
  8. [center:b4zwbggh][size=150:b4zwbggh][color=#FF0000:b4zwbggh][u:b4zwbggh][b:b4zwbggh] SIGN UPS ARE NOW CLOSED. IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE TOURNEY PLEASE CONTACT TEAM LEADERS TO JOIN A TEAM. THERE WILL BE NO MORE TEAMS FORMED BEYOND THIS POST. [/b:b4zwbggh][/u:b4zwbggh][/color:b4zwbggh][/size:b4zwbggh][/center:b4zwbggh] [b:b4zwbggh][center:b4zwbggh][color=#FF8000:b4zwbggh]ATTENTION TEAM LEADERS: MATCH TIMES WILL BE POSTED SOON.[/color:b4zwbggh][/center:b4zwbggh][/b:b4zwbggh]
  9. [quote="nomerci":slf944ne]Sooooo Here is my team ATM. I'm waiting on confirmation for Running man, He may have to work. 1. nomerci-STEAM_0:0:55061484 2. Runningman- STEAM_0:1:3955856 3. mdnght-STEAM_0:0:49968215 4. Blackstar-STEAM_0:1:567376 5. Dhane *music*SwiSh SWisH -STEAM_0:0:25201557 6. Unknown atm. I'm looking for 1 more who will probably start. It depends on runningman. So... if someone doesn't have a team and wants to join. add me on steam and I'll talk to you.[/quote:slf944ne] Don't forget on your team name nomerci!
  10. you all really suck at following instructions.
  11. [size=150:bac7y6iy][b:bac7y6iy]SURPRISE EVERYONE! [/b:bac7y6iy][/size:bac7y6iy] VPP is doing something [i:bac7y6iy]special [/i:bac7y6iy]this Thanksgiving! Because you're awesome and we feel that Thanksgiving should be fun and spent with family. Since you're all part of the VPP family, we'll be giving out another prize! Black Friday is coming up and you know you really need that new GPU coming out. So...VPP will hold it's first tournament! [img:bac7y6iy]http://blog.onlinemetals.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/thanksgiving-pilgram-turkey-gun1.jpg[/img:bac7y6iy] Spending Thanksgi
  12. I deleted your previous post that was wrongly put in General Announcements. So if you'd like to add what you said there, you may add it here. Also, I edited your post to hide your address. When we ask for location, we just want to know a vague geographical location in your country. I left your answer to that question as "Florida" for your safety.
  13. Hey everyone! Thanksgiving is just right around the corner. As always, we're very grateful for each and every one of you for playing on our servers! So in the usual VPP fashion, we're going to do a[color=#FF0000:2lq42uvn][b:2lq42uvn] Dallas Pub contest[/b:2lq42uvn][/color:2lq42uvn]! This Thanksgiving, the[color=#FF0000:2lq42uvn] person with the most knife kills[/color:2lq42uvn] gets... [b:2lq42uvn][color=#FF8000:2lq42uvn][size=150:2lq42uvn]$50 Gift Card to Walmart![/size:2lq42uvn][/color:2lq42uvn][/b:2lq42uvn] [img:2lq42uvn]http://i0.wp.com/walmartwall.com/wp-content/uploa
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