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  1. i've had dayz for the longest time but nobody to play with. i played w/ mango once w/ his friends and well...shit was hilarious . Toan I'm looking foward to this Dayz Server!
  2. i agree with lincoln. I'll try to populate the server as well when i'm not playing d3 hc.
  3. loved the map. needs Christmas lights in the basement and more wine shelves downstairs. Other than that I love it!
  4. time to post my ugly mug [img:296o1i0r]http://i.imgur.com/DPoigh.jpg[/img:296o1i0r]. that was last year or two years ago pax east. can't remember but i lost more weight lol
  5. mines only a 3570k =(. j/k i love this new computer i built. its only at like 4.2 but its fine by me. stays cool between 23 and 30
  6. Upload a picture OR avatar on imgur.com (At least 150px*150px) Screen Name: Devilstyle Real Name (Last name not required): Jack Age: 25 or 31 (depends if i shaved) Location (City, State, Country): Boston, MA Previous Clans (if applicable): id., dfa. old 1.2 clans Playing CS since: 1.2 Preferred Weapon: ak/m4a1 Preferred Map: all de maps Why would you want to become a VPP member? The server has a great community and I would like to get a chance to help out with it. I've gotten to know a few members of VPP and everyone has been nice and friendly. Take me in i'm lonely
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