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  1. So I haven't been on here for awhile. But I think Waffles should not speak to Benn. Try that Waffles. You're a harmless guy and I enjoy playing with you. Any complaints about Benn, direct it to Toan since I am rarely on. I hope you guys can work it out. Life is hard as it is already.
  2. Du Ma


    Knew you worked in a nail salon!
  3. Will you also set your wife up too Moop? Thanks!
  4. Du Ma


    Can you set him up with the test Moop? I don’t need Toan’s approval.
  5. Du Ma


    Shit! He finally did it! Ill talk to the owner.
  6. I think molly, knife, and scout kills are a fun way to get people to play without being a stat whore. There is too much luck with most assists.
  7. Tase kills is fun. But we should reset it once we officially start the contest.
  8. I can’t stand this guy. He’s even more toxic than I am. Hope that made you cry. 😂
  9. Ya we will when we can decide on a contest.
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