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  1. Du Ma

    Finally after many years made a profile

    Get in cs tonigh. I’ll play.
  2. Du Ma

    Finally after many years made a profile

    I’m also 50% sure what spiderpig said isn’t true.
  3. Du Ma

    Play with me?

    I’ll play with ya when I come back. I prob don’t even have a rank yet.
  4. Du Ma

    map suggestions :-)

    Ya owner, take note!
  5. Du Ma

    Inferno Dawn

    Message him the link on steam. I’ve asked him already.
  6. Du Ma

    Mr. Moop Promotion

    Me no money.
  7. Du Ma

    Mr. Moop Promotion

    What’s the pay like???
  8. Du Ma

    Server Map Addition: Seaside

    Yes please add seaside back!
  9. Du Ma

    Map requests

    Nice! Thanks!
  10. Du Ma

    Map requests

    Hype please add snow to the snow world map. That map is popular! Also add a buy zone too. Thanks!
  11. Du Ma

    Map requests

    Lol! Poor Hype go banned because he was map owning. Good thing I'm old and my reaction time isn't as quick anymore. I'd map own all of yall back then.
  12. Du Ma

    Map requests

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=334373434 DODGEBALL!!! NOW PLEASE
  13. Du Ma

    banned Unban?

    Hahaha So salty. BTW, I'm always in spec. That doesn't mean I'm at my computer.
  14. Du Ma

    banned Unban?

    We prefer to not have any players in our server that has recently been VAC banned. Plus you were also banned on another community too. No one confirmed that you were hacking or trolling. We will discuss this internally. Thanks.
  15. Du Ma


    Well since I know you donated, I will Have to kick you manually. Oh wait.