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  1. Good to,have you on forums man!
  2. CS and ps4 4ever!
  3. I never really had a problem with hippo. He can be a troll sometimes but it's tolerable to me. I'd give him another chance but I'm not sure who the banning admin was. It could have been me. plus we gave waterfall another chance and he's been great actually.
  4. Copenhagen is such a nice guy! Thanks for donating for those broke bums.
  5. Sup

    F*** yall!!!
  6. DNA add me on steam! We are planning to do a draft soon.
  7. Sounds like a bugged update guys.
  8. Yo I think Tez had the same problem a few weeks ago. Ask him.
  9. Who is my no1?? Can't wait to take your money in fantasy football. Go Cowboys!
  10. Heck yea DNA! Join us! 1 more slot if Waffle joins!
  11. You work in a hospital setting too?
  12. I really hope they bring the damn headphone jack back! Stupid arrogant piece of shit Apple.
  13. Yea I think the S8 sounds like a good phone. But I would wait til October because the IPhone is supposed to be redesigned because it's their 10 year anniversary. I've never had an IPhone but I might get one if it is to my liking.
  14. Welcome to the forums Cherry. I bet she won't even reply to her own thread.
  15. That's nice of you Adminpolice! Btw, it is spelled "truly".