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  1. You got a 100 right??
  2. Will you also set your wife up too Moop? Thanks!
  3. Du Ma


    Can you set him up with the test Moop? I don’t need Toan’s approval.
  4. Du Ma


    Shit! He finally did it! Ill talk to the owner.
  5. Du Ma

    contest Contest Poll August

    I think molly, knife, and scout kills are a fun way to get people to play without being a stat whore. There is too much luck with most assists.
  6. Du Ma

    Contest Poll

    Tase kills is fun. But we should reset it once we officially start the contest.
  7. Du Ma

    accepted [Apply for Admin] Chokelele

    That was a joke......
  8. Du Ma

    accepted [Apply for Admin] Chokelele

    I can’t stand this guy. He’s even more toxic than I am. Hope that made you cry. 😂
  9. Du Ma

    Contest Poll

    Ya we will when we can decide on a contest.
  10. Du Ma

    Contest Poll

    Or how he hides in palace on Mirage. Lol
  11. Du Ma

    Contest Poll

    Ninja defuses? You know how he baits his team and hide in the smoke? Lol
  12. Du Ma

    New donation from Moop the communist

    Awww so nice! Lol. Let’s get server cracking tonight! We were able to keep it going til 3am last night!
  13. Du Ma

    Finally after many years made a profile

    Get in cs tonigh. I’ll play.
  14. Du Ma

    Finally after many years made a profile

    I’m also 50% sure what spiderpig said isn’t true.
  15. Du Ma

    Play with me?

    I’ll play with ya when I come back. I prob don’t even have a rank yet.