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  1. Welcome to the community Gerk! I'll see you around in the server!
  2. Hehe wants to see him naked. I think I'll pass on that.
  3. Aww that is so nice of you Mrs. Moop. Yea you're right though, putting up with Mr. Moop is going to be tough.
  4. Go find a girl to play with instead.
  5. WTF Boa? an 8 hour drive is nothing!
  6. That would be cool to try out. Do you hear that vpp owner?
  7. You can use mine Raven. I might stop by but not sure how long I will be there. Just don't go through my browser history.
  8. If Bird comes then I'll come. I've never met anyone from cs!
  9. So they can eat my dog?
  10. If they come, then I guess no alcohol.
  11. Aren't you guys under 18???
  12. Nice! Stop by man.
  13. Korean BBQ is my favorite food! I like Jin Korean BBQ but some people don't.
  14. banned

    Pain; I was the one that banned your second account only because your first account was banned by another admin. I'll wait for the banning admin for input.
  15. Yes, I'm dating your mom.