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  1. WTF Boa? an 8 hour drive is nothing!
  2. That would be cool to try out. Do you hear that vpp owner?
  3. You can use mine Raven. I might stop by but not sure how long I will be there. Just don't go through my browser history.
  4. If Bird comes then I'll come. I've never met anyone from cs!
  5. So they can eat my dog?
  6. If they come, then I guess no alcohol.
  7. Aren't you guys under 18???
  8. Nice! Stop by man.
  9. Korean BBQ is my favorite food! I like Jin Korean BBQ but some people don't.
  10. banned

    Pain; I was the one that banned your second account only because your first account was banned by another admin. I'll wait for the banning admin for input.
  11. Yes, I'm dating your mom.
  12. Damn that's nice! 90lbs wet huh? Sounds like my gf.
  13. Nice! They all look delicious.
  14. Looks nice! Owner?
  15. Don't worry about donating man, just have fun in the server! Welcome to the forums yo. I think you're getting better cuz you've been carrying more now, although we usually end up losing. Lol
  16. unbanned

    If it was up to me, I'd remove the ban because you are being polite and respectable. That says a lot about someone. I don't think you hack from the videos, regardless of my verbal accusations in the video. But you definitely need to work on helping your teammates and doing objectives.
  17. unbanned

    That molly was pretty crazy but other than that I can't say it is conclusive that you wall. I have never had any suspicions about you until today when multiple people complained. From the videos I think you're just good and too damn patient. So we'll wait for more admins to look into the video. Ignore bareback's vin1. Watch vin2 towards the end.
  18. unbanned

    We've been getting some complaints about you getting fishy shots by multiple people. And you always seem to be the last one alive every round. But that is another topic to discuss. You were banned last year for the same reason but without a demo. We have a couple of ones here. Another player will post another demo after it's uploaded.
  19. What's up Wilo? Glad to have you here. The owner will set you up shortly. Thanks man!
  20. English?
  21. Who is Easty? Do you play cs go or insurgency? Either way, welcome mam.
  22. Damn, you look like a kid but sound like an old fart.
  23. I think this is the right forum. So I love love the plugin but I think it is the reason that we have been having massive lag during peak hours. Toan said during those times the server CPU utilization was at 100%. Can you look into that Liam?
  24. I don't think we should increase the amount of players in the server. 30 players is plenty and the more players we have the more negative effects it creates for things like lower fps, hit reg, and even lag. But Toan cleaned up the reserve slots for players that haven't donated in awhile, so it should help a bit.
  25. Most maps have at least 30 players able to play. Some maps we can have 2 players in spectate or 4 players in spectate. This is only if they are all donors. So on maps like train, we can only have a max of 30 players with reserve slots that can play. On overpass we can have 32 players with reserve slots that can play. I guess the only problem is on cobble where only 15 players can join Ct because of spawn but 16 players can join T.