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  1. Hello

    Well since I know you donated, I will Have to kick you manually. Oh wait.
  2. iMod

    Alrighty. The owner will get back to you on Tuesday. Please ban Maverick for me. Thanks.
  3. [Apply for Admin] Ubersuntzu

    Welcome ! The owner will get back with you Tuesday.
  4. Plus call of duty too. I wish cs go would give us a big update to bring players back to cs. I still remember when we had two full servers throughout the whole day.
  5. i'm sorry

    I’ll take some credit for this.
  6. Moop's VPP Member Application

    Yes let him in!! Hurry!!
  7. Possible Next Meet Up: CS Major in Boston (Jan)

    Isn’t Doge panhandling there?
  8. i'm sorry

    Thanks for the posting a professional and well mannered appeal. We will discuss this internally with our admins.
  9. i'm sorry

    You weren't banned because of your name. There have been multiple reports of you hacking and toggling in our server, not to mention trolling. Those were the reasons as to why you were banned.
  10. some dude

    Lol. Thanks for the support Player. Yea, the server used to be full from noon to 2am. Then valve killed off most communities and now PUBG.
  11. Application for Membership - Mrs. Moop

    Fucking horny 21 year old perv!
  12. Applying for Admin

    Wtf? You're only 26?? You play like you're 50! Haha I kid.
  13. New Girl

    Do you play on the Dallas server? I don't think I've seen you there.
  14. New donation from bot yao

  15. s2m highlights

    Yea he's special alright, special ed.
  16. unbanned hippo STEAM_0:0:101885939

    Yea give him another chance. Jesus would want you to.
  17. I don't even remember them. But I think we should give them another chance. If they mess up again then that will be an easy decision to make. Like Gondolf was saying, there were some pretty toxic people last night when I played.
  18. Cherryyy Membership Application

    I'm kidding, of course she can join VPP. Lol But don't ever leave me Spider. Reject for life?
  19. What is or was your ingame name or steam id?
  20. Cherryyy Membership Application

    You can't have her! She's a Reject!
  21. Car Mods

    Please don't do body kits unless you'll be entering your ricer in a show. You will mess up your bumper if you driver over bumpy roads. Do exhaust or intake if you want your car to sound fast, unless you are driving a mini van.
  22. Guess who?

    Who is he? Batmayne? Yancancook?
  23. New donation from Eden

    Good to,have you on forums man!