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  1. New donation from j0rd4n

    STEAM_1:1:1347409 i just want to play game in server
  2. AdminPolice

    This is just to say AdminPolice seems like a cool guy and does a good job. Just some positive feedback. thanks man i bet you all thought this was going to be some crybaby post
  3. De_Train will be off the rotation for now

    on second thought, the new train has grown on me after playing it a few more times. i do think season should be in there permanently tho.
  4. De_Train will be off the rotation for now

    -train +season permanent change imo
  5. Automatically put players into a team and remove switching.

    agreed, or alternatively have it always do a scramble at the end of warmup time. This way the ability to switch teams isn't completely shut down... say in the event some altruist wanted to switch and help the losing side. along the same lines, the auto-team balancer seems to take too long to fix uneven teams. IMO if one team has 2+ more players than the other at the start of the round it should auto-balance immediately.
  6. Try some new standard maps?

    Some of my favorite standard maps that I think could be good on 28man pub: cs_italy cs_office de_dust
  7. The Balance on the Dallas server really sucks

    IMO a good solution would be to always do an auto-scramble at the start of every map. Even if the the scramble produces stacked teams it would still lead to increased player satisfaction. Psychologically, its less frustrating for a person to lose when the loss is due to random chance (perceived or real). I have a pretty fast computer so I'm usually one of the first people in the server on map changes, and it's pretty comical to watch how the CT fills in so quickly, people going spectate to wait for a spot on CT, etc. Not just on nuke, pretty much every map.
  8. The Balance on the Dallas server really sucks

    The CT skin of the chick with the white medic costume is the one all the cheesedicks use because it looks smaller
  9. [Denied] jl4ntz

    http://www.clanvpp.gameme.com/playerinfo/73841 I play on the 32 man server usually around 10-2 on weekdays and sometimes weekends. I have a two year old daughter so it limits my playtime to when shes asleep
  10. [Denied] jl4ntz

    -NickName: jL4ntz -Age: 28 -How long (average) have you been playing Counter-Strike games? 12 years -Ever had an admin function before? yes I used to play competitive unreal tournament and owned a popular public server in that game. in cs no -Why do you think you deserve admin? Because my motivation is simply to be another person available to deal with griefers. I have been playing on VPP servers for about a year now and there have been a handful of occasions where there has been a rage hacker, voice chat spammer, or other type of greifer on the server and no admins available. I've followed competitive gaming for the last 10 years I'm not talking about hackusationing every person who headshots me, I dont want to falsley accuse people, I just want to make sure there is someone available to deal with the blatant dickheads -When will you be active (the most)? 10:00 PM - 2:00 AM central time, weekdays - How will you draw people in our server? Ideally people would never even know I had admin and they could just go about enjoying their game. In the unfortunate situations where some jerk joins the server, I would be another person available to resolve the situation. I agree with the Admin Rules. If I abuse my admin you can sleep with my wife (once)
  11. 32man comp server issues?

    All last night, the server was getting rates (sv on netgraph) around 60, sometimes dipping down into the 40s. Once people died and it was down to around 10 people alive, it would go back up to 128. This seems to have started after the latest patch came out, so I don't know for sure if its the server or something with the patch.