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  1. lmfao... that's the most poetic haiku I've ever read... really!
  2. There's no need to ban them, that is only going to drive people away from out community, and that is the last thing we want to do. That is one of the responsibilities of being an admin... It may be annoying to kick notoriously afk players, but we are here to regulate the server however annoying it may be.
  3. that third one looks sick.. the first one reminds me of cbble, id like to try it out
  4. RiBBiT


    [quote="hoisin":23eo58vq]i disagree. i think the game should be left alone. server's doing just fine for this long... why change that? if anything, force people to STOP TEAM STACKING.. kthx.[/quote:23eo58vq] I agree with this.. the server should be left alone, there will be just as many people who think it's a stupid idea to limit them as there is people who want nothing to change. In the end no one is going to be satisfied, that's just how it is in a big community, you can't please everyone. BUT, as soon as a mod comes out with rank-based or score-based team balancing, it needs
  5. frost looks pretty cool, serenity looks pretty badass too, it has a high rating
  6. Been a HEAT FAN since their inception baby!!!! WE GON DEFEND DAT CHAMPIONSHIP!!
  7. RiBBiT


    Sour Patch kids are God's gift to mankind.
  8. RiBBiT


    Squirt, if you've had it then you know. Or Cheerwine.
  9. Heyooo! I haven't played downtown yet but I want to.. dolls is just adorable and nighttrain is cooler than regular train IMO..
  10. Hah! Nope, that would be whosurdaddy,but he has probably had a panda name of some sorts.. he changes his name a lot..
  11. RiBBiT


    Fight Club by far also. Sin City is a distant 2nd. Milo & Otis was my favorite movie when I was a kid.
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