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      Hello! I'm sure most of you don't recall me, but that's fine. I'm not so active, especially now, when I super busy. I'm VPP's developer. I'm maintaining any backend jobs on the CVPP site, ad well am fixing issues Toan reports to me that needs to be fixed. For last few months, I've been working under CS:GO Skin site, about which you most likely knew nothing until now. We also been beta testing it for the past month or so, and I believe it's the time to let you guys try it by yourself. But before I do so, I'd like to tell you a bit about the project; At first, it supposed to be match betting site, with advanced pricing system, to escape from CSGOLounge's problem. Some of you might noticed, their pricing system wasn't always fair. That's because they were not putting any effort to get prices updated, they were updating them once new cases came out. BUT. Gambling with STEAM API got disallowed, and because I had such great base for CS:GO skin site, I thought I shouldn't dump the project. And that's how currentSkinLobby's idea turned into an actual project. SkinLobby is a marketplace platform built around the CS:GO trading community. On the backend, it's running bots finding safe price* for each item individually. Before I let you use it, please continue reading: SkinLobby is still in beta stage. It's missing a lot of features that will be implemented, and you might experience some bugs while using the site, therefore please don't panic, and I'd really appreciate if you would inform me about bugs you find. Either via STEAM, or under this post. (if that's security issue, please inform me in private).  Currently known bugs and problems are: Pricing system doesn't fetch all the items - temporary disabled.   Caution! You're going to experience some front-end ugliness. As I'm a backend developer, and my graphic designer had just little, I was forced to design the site by myself. The template will change, and is on my todo list!  Links: SkinLobby STEAM Group STEAM Bots ME   PS anyone is welcome to add me on STEAM and talk to me about the project. Wether you wanna share with some ideas, you wanna be part of the project or to just say hi - I won't bite you!   Best Regards, Patryk Cieszkowski
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      Dates: Feb 15 - April 15 Requirements - Own a reserved slot (Donator) Top points in Dallas 30man Pub 1st place:     AWP | Lightning Strike | Factory New (~$60)  2nd place:   AK Stattrak Blue Laminated | Field Tested (~$12) 3rd place:    Souvenier P250 | Gunsmoke | from Cologne 2015 (Team EnVyus stickers,KioShima sticker) (~$5)
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  1. this looks fun. i like the idea of being able to switch heroes when u die. dynamic game
  2. Does the TK punish plugin have options? I used to play on an FF on server in 1.6 and they had options like: - make the killer drugged (gives an effect like you are scoped in with scout x3 almost) - make the killer drunk (u have control over ur player but u stumble to the side sometimes, or ur aim goes weird and stuff) - slap the killer to 1 hp - bury the killer (the killer has his legs stuck in the ground and drops all his guns) - put a ticking time bomb on the killer (the killer detonates in like 10 seconds killing all ct's and t's around him) - disco lights for the killer (disco music plays, there's a disco ball above the killer, and the killer flashes gay disco colors) - make the killer blind (killer has a black screen for the rest of the round) - light the killer on fire (the killer is on fire and will light anyone else he touches on fire before he dies to the flames)
  3. Double decoy ban! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =527619198
  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensiv ... ew_global/ People be buying silver 1 accounts for 50 dollars. Should we sell?
  5. 7 day decoy ban http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =523209174
  6. You wallhack bro. And you aim like a noob. You literally aim at crotch level instead of pre-aiming at head/chest level. You don't check corners. Your awp movements are shit. You double scope and then peek mid double doors moving at snail speed. Otherwise you doublescope only when someone is about to pop up. You don't know how to use nades whatsoever. You prefire multiple times through out the demo. Bruh your level of hiding your hacks is 3 out of 10. Silver 4-esque cheat hiding skills. Go play league of legends or something, noob. This isn't the game for you.
  7. Sorry Chubi. Good luck cheating on other servers.
  8. [url:1erc2416]https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/3jedo1/new_players_not_vac_bans_are_the_cause_of_changes/[/url:1erc2416] Interesting read!
  9. Anyone still interested in Dota? There is a new custom gamemode called Overthrow, and they just added a new 5 vs 5 vs 5 mode. It's like a deathmatch mode, has a similar feel to APEM back in Dota1. If there's enough people, there can be inhouses of 5v5v5.
  10. EG wins 1st place! 2nd place goes to the underdog chinese team, CDEC! This year's international was great all around. Great games. Great patch.
  11. EG vs CoL upper bracket! Gotta say I'm pretty proud and impressed of my hontrash boys.
  12. [url:e90ya1wb]http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=491279568[/url:e90ya1wb] Trolling at its finest. 7 day ban achieved 1 second before match ends.
  13. It's just the group stages right now. They are playing for rank when the tournament starts next week. But right now we get to see alot of games, alot of matchups, etc.
  14. Anyone watching these games? They are insane. [url:3tl95uaf]https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/wiki/events/ti5[/url:3tl95uaf] The International is the focal point of the year for Dota 2 tournaments that serves as the annual world championship. Hosted by Valve Corporation in Seattle's Key Arena, 10,000 fans will witness the crowning of the best team in the world. With the massive success of the Compendium, more than 17 million USD are on the line with 6 million going to the winners of the event. The event spans across 2 weeks, divided into the 5 day long playoffs, followed by the 6 day main event after a short break. With 10 teams invited, 4 qualifying teams , and 4 more teams still vying for the final 2 slots of the tournament, The International will provide an enormous amount of games between the current best teams in the world and determine the best Dota 2 team of 2015. Prizes 1st: $6,235,486+ (36%) 2nd: $2,684,723+ (15.5%) 3rd: $2,078,495+ (12%) 4th: $1,472,267+ (8.5%) 5th/6th: $1,125,851+ (6.5%) 7th/8th: $779,435+ (4.5%) 9th/12th: $207,849+ (1.2%) 13th/16th: $51,962+ (0.3%)
  15. There is a TD map. I think its called Green TD.