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  1. Walt Jr

    Help out my bar, Pacific Standard

    aka blow jobs for everyone!
  2. Walt Jr

    Help out my bar, Pacific Standard

    YO GUYS. ThanKS! the 'votes' that you guys claim to see is actually our seats. just like in march madness our seat is 15, meaning we are the underdogs. so if we win, just in like a bracket for bets/barbrackets, we are worth hella points. So its like we are UAB in the upset today! I appreciate the votes for today! VOting ends on monday evening at 11:59pm. I love you all and am very glad you guys are participating. If we win bar of the year, shit will be going down.
  3. Walt Jr

    Help out my bar, Pacific Standard

    Hey all, I come here today to ask for help. My bar, Pacific Standard, has been placed into a poll for best bar for IPA's in NYC. We are up against one of the more popular craft bars in Manhattan. With your votes we could beat them and move our ways up into the brackets and claim our spot as best Beer bar in NYC. (under the IPA region) So, if you have a free moment, please visit this link. (Scroll down and you'll see the voting area) http://brewyorknewyork.com/post/1139760 ... ipa-region [b:1ymrvl10][u:1ymrvl10]Pacific Standard[/u:1ymrvl10][/b:1ymrvl10] [i:1ymrvl10]VS[/i:1ymrvl10] [size=50:1ymrvl10]The Jeffery[/size:1ymrvl10] Thanks everyone! -james
  4. Walt Jr

    [BANNED] AJ4132 Appeal

    what a nice resolution!
  5. Walt Jr

    Rubber Band man

    new update causing rubber banding in csgo? am i the only sucker?
  6. Walt Jr

    VPP Face Thread

    [quote="AbeLincoln":2xoli7ax][size=150:2xoli7ax]LIKE BRUH[/size:2xoli7ax] [img:2xoli7ax]http://i.imgur.com/EIk3v5V.jpg[/img:2xoli7ax][/quote:2xoli7ax] New background. TY
  7. Walt Jr

    Take a look at NYCC 2014! :)

    I was there on thursday as wayne and a buddy as garth! Party on dudes
  8. Walt Jr

    Its the end.

    Like ghostman said, You've done us hella pround.
  9. Walt Jr

    Future of Dayz

    Is there still a dayz section? Id like to be able to talk to other about dayz. Like right now, i need help. im about to die of hypothermia and i need a jacket and a fire!
  10. Walt Jr

    Lag issues with Canodia and only Canodia.

    So this just started happening lately, and im not sure if anyone else is having a similiar problem, but my connection to the canada server is just complete shit. My latency to all the servers on my favorite list are their usual pings, except for canada. Its much higher than usual. I usually get around 30-50, but recently have been at a steady 100. The canada server was recently restarted and that seemed to have helped, But then went back up to 100. Could it be my end and my connection? If so, what could I do to fix that? Its just so odd that this is the only server. Are there more people with this same shit? Please based god, help me. [img:3w142c9r]http://s3.amazonaws.com/rapgenius/1329773016_tumblr_l7bjpaMBo01qa6kqao1_400.jpg[/img:3w142c9r]
  11. Walt Jr

    Voting on Custom Skins for Canada

    hell no.
  12. Walt Jr


    this post make my dick so hard.
  13. Walt Jr

    Very Poor People Radio

    totally down with this, how do i DJ
  14. Walt Jr

    [BANNED] Eden of chaos

  15. i want a channel. Public preferable. 'Monica Geller's English trifle'