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  1. Not sure if im to late or not... but I have Cevo main exp but its been about 4-5 years since I have actually had a match or played in one. If you ever need more people you can add me http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198067169099
  2. I currently have a G930 that just sits because it hurts my ears and get's really really warm on my ear's when I sit and play for a long period of time. I'm looking for a pair with a mic that does't do this to me any suggestions with link's would be nice. Right now I just have Dre ear buds in . Thanks
  3. wr3ckz

    VPP goes BF4?

    I'm down to play bf4 on pc.. I am already rank 35.. shits amazing LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. has anyone made the change? is it worth it? If so does anyone know if its cheaper then 139 dollars from the window's store
  5. wr3ckz

    BF4 PC

    If you plan on playing hit me up on steam or add me to ORGINS wreckedkc is my ID
  6. If I can get to scrim I will add anyone to my friends list I like playing with people that I can get to know.
  7. Real Name Brian Murphy Gamertag wr3ckz Age 28 Location Kansas Been playing games for a while now I been playing cs since beta. I really got into cs when I joined in CAL and went to CPL & lans around my area. I recently got married and took a break from competitive games since I was worried about them more then my wife. Now I play for fun and really enjoy scriming if I can ever find people to do that with. Anyways enough about myself back to kicking some ass
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