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  1. Win a 2017 Nissan Altima! - https://youtu.be/VEUvEg4lXUE Watch, Predict, Compete! Free chance at a new car anyone? Play a free game while you watch sports? FREEEEEEE! Whats not to love? Use my FireFan link below to get started. I am here if you have questions. https://www.firefan.com/player-invite/catchfire/catchfire _ *****NEW UPDATE! NBA was added for those basketball fans! https://www.firefan.com/player-invite/catchfire/catchfire2 _______________________________________________________________ So my company is holding a contest to see who can invi
  2. If anyone was wondering, I've been playing R6 Siege since the beginning of December. They gave me 4 codes for a free weekend if anyone is interested (I have 7 total now, thanks to keithzorz). There is a lot to learn in the game about each Operator and game play. PM me for Code or post in here Once you get the code: 1— Open the Uplay PC client and log in 2— Click Activate Product on the icon 3— Enter your activation code above, exactly as it is displayed 4— Click OK
  3. Damn. Good luck everyone! I'm going to be traveling to Seattle Wed's night and stay till Sat/Sun time frame, otherwise I'd be in!
  4. Overwatch invite weekend. Server testing i guess it is. Game should be up in a few hours PST (~10 am) add me bnet BroHamBone
  5. Ewww....Im waiting patiently for R6 Siege. Played both beta's and am excited for its release.
  6. Oh yea, i forgot about this... its tomorrow right? I signed up a while back, just keep forgetting.
  7. Will reflective damage be installed? or Kick after certain amount of dmg like in Matchmaking?
  8. [quote="sundei":1beaai0v][b:1beaai0v]In-game Name[/b:1beaai0v]: ` sundei [b:1beaai0v]Steam ID[/b:1beaai0v]: STEAM_1:0:10596995 [b:1beaai0v]Reason to Appeal[/b:1beaai0v]: I joined the server, everyone was just wandering around not doing anything. People were blaring music across the coms and chat was being spammed with people changing their names. I started walking around in CT Spawn on cache and got banned with that message. [b:1beaai0v]Ban Message[/b:1beaai0v]: "fag." [b:1beaai0v]Server[/b:1beaai0v]: Very Poor People | Dallas | Competitive | 128 Tick |
  9. I got a message from mirx, dont know if it was "The Mirx" or his alt account. Im pretty sure it was hacked and was trying to get my information. Conversation went something like, mirx: lol mirx: ***http://twtich...... [color=#FF0000:1hhiyzzr]dont click please[/color:1hhiyzzr] mirx: your video mirx: xD BroHamBone -_-: what? mirx: about your ace xD BroHamBone -_-: lies... trya hack me ) mirx went offline after that statement. Again, the username was mirx....so be careful w/ clicking links... Shitheads out there. Edit: Alerted mirx and he said he didnt message me. So he is updati
  10. Been a week, lets get this Chicago server populated and known to the CSGO community!
  11. Is this a 3rd Competitive server or replacing the Dallas server? ....or moving the whole VPP gaming community? But in for Chicago. NY servers are poop for west coasters and sometimes not great for centralized players either.
  12. Badass... didnt you need a headset? hopefully you will get it. Wait, its not a virus is it?
  13. Just wanted to say, Since I've been involved with VPP I have seen multiple people I've played with from other public servers join in our fun. I have been playing those new fellatio operation's and ran into someone Ive played with on a prior public server, before joining the VPP group. He asked what I've been up to and where I play now. Of course I said VPP. He response was "Yea, lots of people [from the previous public server] have been playing there". VPP must be doing something right!
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