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  1. freddyoh

    Yan mia

    I FOUND HIM MAKING NEW VIDEOS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzc3_b_KnHc -Fred
  2. freddyoh

    Overwatch Beta

    Its just TF2 circa blizzard
  3. freddyoh

    See you guys in about 3-4 weeks.

    Have fun dude, I been traveling a lot this year......but it's not vacation ;(
  4. freddyoh

    VPP Face Thread

  5. freddyoh

    Fixed FPS/Memory Leak Lag

    Nah, I like my overlay f u!!!! This disables your ability to shift tab!
  6. freddyoh

    Vote for next map?

  7. freddyoh

    Anyone else in the military here?

    The Canadians once kicked our asses and burned down our white house. Many USASOC traditions are based off the old school British and Canadian commandos/sf forces. In my book you count!
  8. freddyoh

    [Accepted] Blackstar's Application

    Good peepz
  9. freddyoh

    Anyone else in the military here?

    Yeah I know the system, know a few C peeps who are still bitter. If it helps, they usually select the higher ASVAB scores for C....so YOU NO DUM DUM YOU DA SMART.
  10. freddyoh

    Anyone else in the military here?

    No one voluntary selects 11C!!!!
  11. freddyoh

    VPP do care for our Military Family!!!

    *Thumbs Up
  12. freddyoh

    Season's Greetings

    [quote="Du Ma":3ljqb6qe][quote="ppaa7894":3ljqb6qe]YO FREDDY WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK D:[/quote:3ljqb6qe] Hopefully never[/quote:3ljqb6qe] <3 you too, come back to cs 'kay thanx
  13. freddyoh

    Season's Greetings

    Merry Happy ChristmasHannukahKwanzaNewYear from Korea -Fred
  14. freddyoh

    [UNBANNED] wieBz BAN

    It takes lot of guts to admit one was wrong, especially on the Internet. Let's remember to keep all drama through private channels. Let's police ourselves and the community, we owe it to the community. FRAG ON BISHES